The Promotion

Chapter 6 - Permanent

When she came home after work, he could tell that she was still hot and bothered, though there was also a shadow of gloomy seriousness on her face. She approached him with uncertain, almost fearful steps.

“Listen Jake, about what happened today-”

He hushed her with a finger on her lips. They were soft and warm. The same lips that had just sucked two cocks earlier today. Did that really bother him? Not in the slightest.

“You’re a little slut, Mollie. You’ve always been one.” His thumb gently parted her lips, brushing the wet tip of her tongue.

Jake saw the wave of heat that went through his girlfriend’s body, her face going red, her nipples hardening, her butt cheeks clenching around the wide toy shoved up her ass. Then she gave in and relaxed, sucking on his thumb. He smiled at her and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her towards the bedroom.

He was sitting on the top of the bed, leaning against the frame. His chubby girlfriend was in front of him on all fours, her big, rounds tits hanging freely underneath her. Mollie looked like an ancient fertility goddess, plump and ripe, made to be fucked. She lowered her head towards his erect cock. Things were coming naturally to her now, like instincts awakening from the depths of her mind. She took it in her hands, kissed it, licked the shaft. Her head went down and her ass went up. Her mouth opened and took him in, gently sucking the head, taking more and more with every bobbing motion.

Jake groaned and dug his fingers in her hair. His hand took control of her motions, guiding her fast and slow, deep and shallow. She was open and receptive to every command, doing her best to please him in every way. As he took over the directions of her mouth, one of her hands slipped down between her thighs.

“Don’t,” he intercepted her firmly.

She moaned in frustration, wiggling her round ass, but reluctantly retracted her hand anyway.

“Your transformation isn’t done yet. The more you want it, the more your true desires come to light. That toy in your butt is a constant reminder that you need a dick in that pussy. Isn’t that right?”

He pulled her in, shoving his shaft all the way down her throat. She gagged a little, but relaxed her muscles, allowing him to facefuck her. When he felt he was right on the edge he pushed her away, allowing her to gasp for air.

“Do you see this cock?” he mused, slapping his rock-hard erection against her drooling mouth.

“Mhm,” she moaned.

“It’s not going inside your pussy. You will learn exactly how much you love cock, exactly how much you need it inside any of your holes, how much you crave cock. Your pussy desires to be stuffed like a little slut, and you will leave it that way. Only then you can truly know your place. Do you understand?”

There was a strange light that flickered in her eyes. Mollie slowly nodded.

“Now you’re going to finish what you started, like a good slut. You will take my cum in your mouth, and when you swallow it you will think about how much you wish it was in your pussy.”

She did as she was told. Jake could see drops of juice dripping down from her sex. It was so tempting to touch and tease her, but he decided it might be too much. She was barely containing herself as it was. And she was such a wonderful sight to behold. He grabbed her breasts instead, their weight resting comfortably in his palms. He touched her round belly - astonishingly enough, the pressure from the giant toy inside her could be felt even there. He imagined all those balls going deep inside her, each larger than the previous, stuffing her all the way up. It made her movements awkward and her walk telling. When she was moving around the office, anyone with an attentive eye could tell. Anyone could know that his girlfriend was a slut that spent the day with a giant toy shoved up her butt.

Jake came vigorously, filling Mollie’s mouth with his warm seed. She swallowed it all dutifully, then licked his shaft up and down to make sure it was clean.

He could still feel the tension in her as she rolled next to him, with a tired body and a mind clouded with lust. The long day had taken its toll, but it still took her awhile to drift off to sleep. Even half-conscious, Mollie twisted and turned, grinding her ass against him. Even when she calmed down, Jake could still feel her shiver every so often, her cheeks repeatedly clenching and relaxing around the plug.

It was the fourth day she was wearing the plug. He woke up with her, but pretended he was still sleeping, and waited for her to get ready and leave before leaping onto the computer. He logged in the office surveillance network and waited for her to arrive at work.

When Mollie walked in Jake’s heart started pounding. This time she was wearing heels, a schoolgirl-like mini skirt and a white shirt that was left unbuttoned, revealing most of her cleavage. She had dolled-up herself with make-up and wore a black choker and two leather bracelets around her wrists. But most importantly, she wasn’t trying to hide it. When walking on those heels the arch of her back was more than a little suggestive, pushing her large butt up. And by the little movements she made with her hips, by the way her ass muscles tensed and relaxed along with her facial expression, one could certainly guess that something was going on.

On the way to her desk, Jake saw Mollie brush past Mark, and stop for a moment to exchange a few words. He couldn’t make out what they were saying, but he saw his hand briefly dart under her skirt, which made Mollie bite her lip and tilt forwards on her heels. Than Mark slapped her ass and send her on her way.

The hours of work went painfully slow, and it was clear that Mollie was struggling to get anything done. She spent more time shifting around and exchanging jabs with her co-workers, than she did focusing on the PC screen. Before noon, the call finally came.

She walked towards her boss’ office in a way that did not go unnoticed. Jake could see heads turning here and there, and people whispering to one another. Rumours would spread, and Mollie was not doing anything to mitigate them, but lewdly swaying her hips towards the onlookers.

Mr. Jakob was already waiting for her in a heavy armchair. Mollie closed the door behind her and sank to her knees in front of him. He undid his belt and allowed her to pull his cock out and take him in her mouth.

Jake unbuttoned his own pants, stroking his vigorous erection as he watched his chubby girlfriend suck off her boss. He was as large and thick as ever, giving Mollie a run for her time as she struggled to service him properly.

When he was hard to full length, Mr. Jakob pushed her back and calmly pointed towards his desk, where Mollie bent over and assumed the already familiar position. He took down her panties and lifted her skirt up, showing her naked ass in plain view of the camera. Jake got a perfect look of the large plug that was stretching his girlfriend’s O-ring. Her clean-shaven pussy was already wet and quivering with anticipation. It made him stroke harder.

“Are you ready to earn that promotion, girl?” mused Mr. Jakob.

“Yes, sir,” replied Mollie in a voice shaking with excitement.

He grabbed the base of the plug and carefully tugged at it, twisting and turning millimeter by millimeter. Mollie’s face tensed as the sphere started coming out, stretching her more and more, until it passed its widest point, stealing a shrewd moan from her, and the second half of it slipped out effortlessly. The older man grinned and continued the exercise, each smaller sphere coming out easier than the previous one, until finally the entire toy was out of her.

“Time to teach your ass what real fucking is, slut!”

Squirting a generous amount of lube from a bottle on his desk, the older gentlemen pressed his tip against the girl’s well-stretched back entrance. The days of wearing the huge toy had certainly paid off, and he was able to wiggle all the way in, pushing back and forth to gain ground one inch at a time.

Mollie’s face was the face of a slut in heat. The time of frustration and denial had made her not just willing, but eager to wrap her cheeks around her boss’ thick cock. She moaned when it sunk all the way in for the first time, then gasped as it pulled back and thrust again. When he picked up the pace she bit her lips and dug her fingers into the desk. She may have been technically an anal virgin, but the extended training made sure she could take a pounding.

Her boss pressed tightly against her back, reaching around to squeeze her big breasts. His hands slipped under her shirt and inside her bra, pulling them out to hang and bounce while he fucked her.

At one point he slowed down, shoving it all the way in and keeping it there. Right on cue, Mollie started shaking her hips back and forth, fucking herself against the older business man. Satisfied with that response, he gripped her neck and pushed her head down, picking up speed again. He went harder and harder and culminated with a few final deep trusts, filling her obedient butt with his cum.

It was enough for Jake as well. Seeing his once shy girlfriend turned into into an obedient anal slut pushed him over the edge. Her ass pressed firmly against her boss, waiting for his final squirts to fill her. Jake knew they would be the first of many to fill that newly trained hole.

When the man finally let go of her, Mollie was still light headed, her hazy eyes filled with desire.

“You’ve done an excellent job, Mollie. I’m a man of my word - the promotion is yours. You’ve earned it.”

She nodded, smiling awkwardly, then made a hesitant step towards the door.

“Before you go,” he continued, “I’d like to extend another offer to you.”

She turned around, her face still red and sweaty from the pounding. Mr Jakob went to his desk and pulled an object out of a drawer. It was a sort of transparent plug, but shorter and wider than any Jake had seen. He immediately sensed that something was up. Was the boss going to offer her more money? An even better position?

“This is a tunnel plug,” the businessman explained. “As you can see, it is wide and has an opening in the middle.”

She looked at the toy and swallowed hard.

“And if I p-put it in… what do I get?” Her eyes were darting between the plug and her boss’ face.

“Why, you get to have your slutty asshole permanently stretched as a reminder of what an anal whore you are,” he replied calmly, keeping his eyes on hers. “And of course there’s the added advantage that anyone could fuck you without taking it out,” he smirked.

Mollie managed to hold his gaze for a few seconds, before turning around and bending down. The man in the suit approached her, held her steady with one hand and pushed the plug in with the other. She gave a little squeal and the toy set in, fixing her asshole back to its stretched position.

“There, all set. You can go now, Mollie,” he said, slapping her but on her way out.

The chubby girl walked through the company floors, all dolled up with an ass sticking out. Heads were turning again and people were talking. Jake was hard again, but he had to step off screen for a while. He knew that whatever happened next would be only the beginning.


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