Summoner's Corruption

Chapter 2 - Shadow Shores

A month later, somewhere at the shore of the Shadow Isles

They stepped off the boat onto the rocky, lifeless coast of one of the larger islands. The Mist was low at this time of the year and the captain had waited for noon to approach for drop off. As soon as Blake and Fiora were safely ashore, the men rowed the small boat back towards the Proud Gargantua, a heavily armed Piltover galley and one of the few vessels that was willing to accept the contract. As soon as the crew of four that had brought them to the coast returned aboard, the ship began turning around and setting to a safe point some fifty miles away from the island. There, as they had agreed, it would wait for up to one week for a signal to come pick them up. If they didn’t make it back before the time of the High Mist, then the captain would sail away without them.

Blake turned away from the ocean and towards the landscape of dead trees and ghastly lights. Even when with the sun shining brightly above them, the island somehow remained in an inexplicable murky shadow, punctuated with flashes of green.

“When you said I was to join your expedition, I expected there to be an actual party, not… this.” said the young woman, eyeing him suspiciously.

“Anyone who isn’t an expert fighter would just get in our way.” responded Blake calmly. “I have complete confidence in your abilities to deal with physical threats, and I will take care of anything magical.”

“Even so, a group of only two is pushing our luck. The Institute is rich, why not hire a few extra mages?”

“This is a diplomatic mission, not a war campaign my dear. Sometimes being less armed offers better means of negotiation.” He smiled thinly, a little smile telling her that as Head of a Noble House she should know better than to ask such questions.

She frowned at that, but remained silent and Blake was content to leave it at that. Their relationship, for lack of a better word, was balanced on the thin thread of mutual benefit and he was careful not to push the noble champion too far. It had been hard, oh how it had been hard to refrain himself for the past weeks, to remain passive, calm, dispassionate. After the trial they had been in frequent but brief contact, both behaving as if nothing had happened. He could see the cracks in her mask sometimes, the questions bubbling up, and he would smile internally and pretend he didn’t notice.

They set off on a small trail and followed it for half an hour until it lead them to an old stony road. It was one of many ruins, landmarks of a long lost civilisation that had once dabbled deeper into forbidden magics than any would deem wise. Now there were only stones, stones and ashes and terrible sounds at night. There were no bones, not in the ground anyways. Things had a tendency not to stay dead for long on the Isles.

It was chilly despite the sun and Blake wrapped himself in his mantle. In her usual battle outfit, Fiora walked a few meters in front of him, leading the vanguard and staying alert and perceptive in the changes to their environment. It got darker as they moved farther from the coast and towards the heart of the island and they encountered other ruins more frequently: there were smaller paths branching from the main, their cold pebbles barely distinguishable on the black earth; there were small shrines to the side, or old buildings that might have been houses or farms or hunting cabins, but now only jagged walls remained. Eventually the sun sunk lower to the horizon and the darkness thickened still, forcing them to light torches despite being a few hours from nightfall.

They kept going for another two hours, until the sun was nothing but a thin spark at the horizon and the green mist began to flow around them in thick bubbling streams that left an unpleasant, icky sensation as they passed through them.

“We should stop for the night.” he said conversationally.

“I’m not lying down in that thing.” replied Fiora, eyeing the ghastly phenomenon.

“There is a small shrine not far from here. it has been spared the worst of the destruction and will provide as much shelter as we’ll ever find in this decimated land.”

She looked at him and he could see a cold gaze full of questions, but she said nothing. Blake smiled to himself and took the lead, following a small trail that soon diverged from the main path, leading towards a nearby hill. The branches of the dead trees were creaking ominously around them despite the stillness of the air. The island wasn’t pitch black at night, but instead it glimmered with the poisonous fluorescent green of the mist that erupted from the ground, seeping through cracks and holes and climbing the trees’ carcasses in a way that made it seem almost alive.

The trail lead them upwards in a spiral around the stony hill and the higher they climbed, the thinner the fog became. Eventually they arrived at the top, finding themselves in front of a circular stone building surrounded by a broken fence. The iron gate was lying some feet away on the ground, torn from its hinges and deformed. Luckily the old door of the shrine appeared to be mostly intact. Fiora moved forward to try it, but it didn’t open.

“Should I break it?” she said flatly, glancing at him.

Blake shook his head and instead went through the inner pockets of his robe, eventually producing an odd looking metal key. He moved in to unlock the door. His companion raised an eyebrow.

“Don’t look so surprised, girl. It is true that the Shadow Isles remain a hostile territory, but this doesn’t mean we don’t have our ways.” There was another brief exchange of glances between them.

They stepped inside and locked the door behind them. The flame of the torches revealed a single room with a small altar in the center, surrounded by a series of strange statues. There was also a wooden bed, some dusty shelves, and a fireplace. Everything was abandoned and decaying, but someone had clearly lived here in the last few decades.

“You’ve come here before” said Fiora with slow realization.

Blake considered for a moment, then shrugged. “It is one of the few places that offer relative safety during the night. I have used it once or twice during my travels.”

“Your travels? And what exactly were you doing in the Shadow Isles, picking up herbs?”

“Why yes, the Institute send me all this way to bring them a few cursed roses as souvenirs.” He laughed dryly. The girl was a fool if she thought a simple provocation was enough to make his tongue slip.

He tossed a few rotten boards in the fireplace and mumbled a few words. After a moment, they bursted ablaze, illuminating the stone walls with a warm orange glow. Blake sat on the ground in the far corner of the room, opposite the bed.

“You can have the first sleep, I’ll stand guard. If nothing happens I’ll wake you up at midnight to switch.”

The ancient wooden planks creaked as she sat. There was a tension in the air that had nothing to do with the cursed mist. They hadn’t been alone in a room since that time, more than a moon ago.

“If you try anything again, this time I’ll really slit your throat” she said finally.

“What makes you think that I **want** to try anything?” he mused. The fury in her stare gave him a warm feeling of satisfaction. She was so beautiful when she was furious. He studied her features as she struggled for words.

“Last, time you took advantage of me.” she finally said, trying to control her voice.

“Did I?” he asked with a candid voice. “The way I remember, you were accused of cheating, then you killed a guard, and I got you out of that whole mess.”

She let that sink in for a moment, then quickly continued. “I asked you for a kiss, which we both enjoyed as far as I recall, and then we got a little carried away.”

“That’s not at all what happened! You said that I had no other choice, that I would be convicted...”

He gave her a few moments as she watched her struggle to rearrange the hazy memories in her head. It was cute, in a way. Then he spoke softly.

“It was an overwhelming night for both of us. However, rest assured that I do not want you. You are but a tool for me. A simple blade.”

He turned around, ending the conversation and letting the seeds wither their way through her wounds germinate into her heart and mind. He didn’t need to look at her to know the pain and confusion in her eyes. Blake felt the stare like a burning ray on the back of his head. He nonchalantly got a book out of his bag and began reading. Somewhere behind him, a spirit was torn in two.

It took her a long time to fall asleep, but Fiora eventually succumbed to the day’s fatigue, falling into an uneasy slumber. She dreamt of her House, of her life as a girl and the way things had changed once she was forced to become Head. You must be strong! the voices said as she endured long days filled with exuberant physical training, only to be forced to deal with paperwork and politics in the evening. You have to be iron! Be a sword! Be a tool to further the greatness of House Laurent!


She woke up to a soft voice calling her name. It took her a few moments to realize where she was and what was happening. When she did, it filled her with an unexplainable sadness. She quietly took her shift, sitting by the fire and trying not to look at the sleeping figure. There were too many questions.

They left in the morning, following the spiral trail down the hill and connecting back to main path. The Mist had mostly retracted back into the cursed soil, but the Island was no less ghastly or somber.

It was a few hours later that they met the first ghoul - a half-decayed monkey, staring at them from a branch with two glowing green eyes. The flesh from his jaw was mostly gone, revealing white bone with impressively long teeth. The creature gave a foul scream and leapt towards them, aiming towards Blake’s throat. Fiora instinctively leapt to intercept the attack, managing to parry and to follow up with a counter-attack that slashed the rotten body in two with her rapier. There was a flash of green that shot out from the corpse and seeped into the ground. It was a ghastly reminder that the Mist was not to be taken lightly.

“Good job” the summoner praised her, bending down to examine the cut.

“It got too close for comfort, if I hadn’t intervened in time…”

“I trust in your abilities.”

They continued their march through an area that might have once been a jungle, but now more resembled a graveyard. All the trees were dead and dry and the ground had become stony and creased like the skin of some giant cadavre left out in the sun. They walked in silence for a few more hours, occasionally altering their way slightly to circle around the old ruins from a safe distance. One never knew what horrors might rise from their slumber if they weren’t careful.

Fiora secretly observed her companion, throwing glances when he was reading a map or peering in the distance. He hadn’t even flinched when the undead monkey jumped at his throat. It occurred to her just how dangerous their expedition was, especially to him, and despite herself she couldn’t help but admire his courage for undertaking it. She instantly hated herself for the thought, but once it had sprouted in her mind there was no way to get rid of it.

There more sounds around them now, things scuttering in the distance and occasional wings flapping, though there were no birds to be seen. The trees were changing too, dead branches creaking without any wind, extending like old bony fingers towards them as they passed. It was unsettling to say the least, and Fiora felt constantly observed.

“How much farther do we have to go?” she asked, a tinge of worry in her voice.

“We’re getting close.”

It was in the middle of the afternoon when they came across a large stone. It stood several feet high, leaning to one side as if the years had tired it. Fiora approached carefully and noticed there was a faint inscription on one side.

“Xiuxi zai.. ping zhanshi” she read tentatively.

Blake froze for a moment, then took a staff out of his robe, holding it high, ready to cast. “Draw your blade.”

“What’s going on, what does this mean?” she inquired, all the way following his command.

“It means ‘Rest in peace, warriors’. This is a pedestal that was often placed in middle of cemeteries in the old days. Look around you.”

She scanned their surroundings. It wasn’t obvious, but when you knew what to look for, the signs were there: a small remnant of a tombstone; a piece of a statue, half eaten by the trees; bits of marble mixed with the usual pebbles on the ground. Fiora turned around, rapier in hand. The air was still. There was no sign that they had awakened anything.

“Perhaps we should just walk awa-”

A hand erupted from the ground, grabbing at her ankle. She gave an undignified shriek and hacked at it, cutting the bone in half, but another one came from behind and pulled her down. She lost her balance and tumbled, twisting around and slashing at her assailant, who turned out to be a rotting corpse with green glowing eyes. The young woman was sure that she’d managed to break a few bones on her way down, hoping this would buy her enough time to get up, but as soon as she hit the ground more hands sprouted, tugging and pulling her arms and legs. She struggled to free herself, her clothes ripping as the bony fingers clutched what they could. The young woman had almost managed to free herself when another fully risen skeleton came at her, rusty axe flinging towards her exposed abdomen….

“ERAXIA MISTORI!” boomed a voice, followed by a flash of red light that disintegrated the undead warrior, his body crumbling down to a heap of ash.

“MELI OPU XI!” there was a warm gush of wind and Fiora felt as if her skin was somehow glowing with a warm light. The hands released her, pulling away with smoke sizzling from their bony fingers. “Come on, get up” came the summoner’s voice again, this time much calmer and earthly. There was a figure above her and an open arm, extended. She took it and scrambled to her feet.

There were other undead rising from the ground around them, their ghastly silhouettes glowing in fluorescent green. It was going to be a very tough fight. She weighed the odds in her head and didn’t like them.

“Quickly this way.” rushed her Blake, pulling her away from the path and into the forest.

She didn’t have time to think and followed, deflecting blows and cutting limbs as they forced their path through. Fiora quickly glanced around and her heart froze - in front of them was the biggest, meanest undead of the group, as far as she could tell. Standing twice her own height, the giant corpse wielded two battle axes and had remnants of chainmail still hanging to its rotten flesh. Blake seemed to be running straight towards it. The duelist began to panic. Could they really risk such a close encounter? Unless the summoner had a quick spell at hand, they were going to lose their heads. The creature was only a few steps away. They ran up to the undead…. and past it, as it didn’t move to attack.

The field beyond was clear and the two of them hurried to disappear between the trees as best they could. Behind them, there was the sound of battle, which puzzled Fiora, but she decided to save the questions for later.

Several hours of hurried pace later, night was beginning to fall and they had to halt their march and set up camp. Blake chose a place hurdled in the rocks near the entrance of a large cave. Fiora’s brow rose in question, but the summoner simply said that it was better than most alternatives and she had to leave it at that. The Mist was beginning to rise again and exploring the woods further seemed like a really bad idea. Blake conjured a thin magical barrier that spanned a circle of a dozen feet, keeping the mist away.

There was a crescent moon in the sky that seemed oddly green through the Isle’s haze. Above the small fire her companion had put an iron kettle and was making some sort of brew.

“Here, drink this.” he said, handing her a small cup. It was hot and smelled of tea and lavender. She held it for a few minutes, pensive.

“Thank you for saving me today.” she finally said, taking a small sip from the cup and wrapping her cape tighter around her shoulders. The tears in her clothes let the cool air in and reminded her of what could have happened if the summoner hadn’t intervened.

“I’m glad you made it out.” he said and smiled, retiring some distance away to where his blanket lay near the fire. She wanted him to say more, but he didn’t.

Soon after she felt herself grow very sleepy, her eyelids closing on their own, heavy as lead. It had been a long and tiring day. She stumbled towards her own blanket and collapsed on it, instantly falling into a deep and dreamless sleep.


Blake walked through the immense darkness, the light of his torch casting a small halo around him. It was a white sort of darkness, for most of it was filled with silky spiderwebs, covering the tunnel from top to bottom and hiding a number of dark bulges within them, no doubt the corpses of old meals. He should have been scared, but he wasn’t. There was a burning determination within him, a conviction that came from knowledge and skill and guts.

After another brief descent he emerged into the main chamber, a massive intricate spiderweb sprawling on the ceiling. There were a few cocoons hanging from it, one of them human-seized.

“I know you’re here.” he said aloud, clearing his throat. “And I know you can see me. I am unarmed. Why don’t you come down?”

After a few moments of silence, a shadow detached itself from the ceiling and graciously spun down, hanging from a single white thread. The giant spider landed in the center and approached Blake, it’s 8 legs moving in perfect silence. It was as big as him, its hard carapace shing pitch black against the light of the torch, with bright red lines running along its body. The creature’s head came close, examining Blake with numerous fixated eyes, unblinking. The black fangs covering the spider’s mouth moved slightly ajar, revealing the horrors behind.

“You are so beautiful.” said Blake with deep admiration. “Truth be told, I have waited for this moment for such a long time. It is an honor to finally meet you.”

The spider stood there for a long moment, examining him. Then it tilted upwards, its legs folding inside on themselves, the body twisting like fractals expanding endlessly inwards, and in the next moment there stood a woman, red eyes with pale skin and a black chitin dress.

“You are the first to call me beautiful in that form and to mean it.” she said, not hiding the surprise in her voice. “For this I will not eat you immediately. You have my attention…”


“...Blake. What brings you so close to being dinner?”

“I would like you to become my lover.” he said, looking at her calmly.

“You -what?!” coughed Elise. She circled around him, examining the odd man that had walked into her lair. “Though I am intrigued, I think you have lost your mind. What makes you think you’re walking out of here alive, not to mention becoming my lover?”

Blake stepped closer, neither aggressively nor fearlessly. There was not courage in his eyes, but a deep calm, a glimmer of fascination and certainty. “One day, I will dominate the Institute and all the champions will bow on their knees. I will keep the women to warm my bed while the men fight and conquer in my name. And I want you to be there, with me.” He took another step, getting an arm’s width from her. “I know they will not go willingly, and most I will have to break, to torture and to love until their spirit and their soul melt and are remoulded to my will and desire. But you, Elise! You will never be broken. This I know.”

He left a moment for the words to sink in, then continued. “You can join me, be my lover but also my equal. I know you bear no love to Ashe, to Leblanc, to Kayle. This is your chance to exact your vengeance. Help me break them! Turn them into mindless slaves, into toys to our desires, vessels to our lust and whims. You can play with them and cast them aside, torture and punish and drive them to madness. And they will all bow down and kiss your feet.”

The spider woman considered this.

“You are a bold man, Blake.” she hissed. “Bold and evil. I like you…”

He leaned in, their gazes locked, the tension building. The lips of the spider queen were plump and juicy and oh so deadly… “Of course, to win a Queen, one has to bring her a present” he said, a devilish grin blooming on his face. “Do not think I have come here without proof of my intentions.”

He waved a hand towards the lair’s entrance from where he had come. Elise turned her head, peering into the darkness. After a long moment there was the sound of footsteps that gradually became louder, until finally a large figure entered the chamber. It was a tall hooded thing with broad shoulders and an odd, uneven walk. In its arms it was carrying the body of a sleeping woman. Blake made another gesture and it approached, putting the woman down as gently as its decayed limbs allowed, then went away as it had come.

The spider queen erupted in laughter.

“I see you are more familiar with the Shadow Isles than any respectable summoner ought to be.”

“One has to be a fool to ignore the power of the dark arts.” he grinned again. “Would you care to indulge your desires? I have a little something in mind.”


It was cold, unusually cold and she shifted in her sleep, uneasy. It was one of those deep dreams when you just can’t wake up, like you are trapped underwater or buried alive and your body feels numb like a corpse and your mind refuses to think. Then there was something, like a gentle prick, too faint and too distant to be noticed. But something changed, there was a warmth that began spreading through her body, slowly at first then quicker and quicker until she could finally feel her limbs again and was no longer in the land of the dead. Her mind unfroze and there were thoughts again, and she was there, she was asleep, and it was time to wake up.

Fiora opened her eyes to a blurred and confusing image. There was darkness and there was whiteness and there was a torch and a man and a strange figure. She tried to lift her hand and rub her eyes, but nothing happened. Looking down, she realized with a surprise that quickly transitioned into panic that her body was tied tightly, almost like a cocoon. Her heart began pounding in her chest. She started wiggling, trying to free herself, but the ropes were too strong. She blinked a couple of times and her vision cleared, revealing a distressing situation.

She was in a large cavern, dark and filled with spider webs as far as the halo of the fire allowed her to see. She was quite far from the light, far and also higher, she realized, taking in her surroundings more fully this time. There was significant distance between her and the two figures, which she was observing somewhat from above. There were rocks and stalactites surrounding her; it was unlikely that they were able to see her, now that she thought about it.

What was going on? Had she fallen prey to some evil creature? Were they looking for her, or were they somehow other adventurers lost in the same place? How much time had passed?

The man turned around, his face coming into the light.

“Blake!” she tried to shout, but her mouth wouldn’t open and there was only a muffled noise. There was something sticky holding her jaw and she began fighting to regain her speech.

The summoner said something to the other figure, but Fiora wasn’t able to make it out. The stranger seemed to laugh, then made a few steps towards the torch, taking it in her hand. Fiora’s mind froze again, as she contemplated the face of the woman that had no right to be there. There was, there had to be, an explanation for what was going. He eyes shifted to Blake again. He was going to cast a spell any moment now, to stun this wretched creature and to free her from her bonds…

The summoner extended a hand towards the spider queen and deftly unlaced her bra, throwing it to the side and exposing her big round breasts which he gently caressed. He then leaned in and began kissing them. Elise seemed pleased, running her fingers through his hair as she pushed his head down from her nipples to her belly and, after removing a few more garments, still farther down. Fiora watched transfixed in a mix of horror and disbelief. There was no way he was going to-

Elise lied back on a cushion of spiderwebs, legs spread and inviting. The man’s head moved between them, arms wrapping around her thighs, and though from Fiora’s position his back was covering the rest of the picture, Elise’s lustful expression and rolling eyes left little doubt in her mind about what was going on.

If she could, Fiora would have turned around, would have covered her eyes, would have done something, something decent, something sane. But she couldn’t move an inch, she couldn’t turn, she couldn’t look away. Closing her eyes was the only option, but somehow she couldn’t even bring herself to do that, the morbid curiosity forcing her to look, forcing her to experience. She was appalled at how hot her own body had become just from observing the unholy scene. She felt like a pervert, peeping from a distance. She couldn’t truly hear the other woman’s moans, but she felt them, her body shivering in unison as if they were her own.

Eventually Blake’s mouth rose from its price and he moved up and kissed those black deadly lips that had killed so many. The spider woman kissed him back, wrapping her arms around him and helping him out of his robe. His back was surprisingly muscular, Fiora thought, as she watched him position himself on top of the other woman and slip into her vulgar embrace.

It was treason, it was punishment, it was torture. Fiora’s mind burned and flared as words escaped her. She couldn’t watch and she had to watch. Her body ached but there was no one to touch it. Why did it have to be Elise?! Was she not good enough? Was she truly just that, only a tool, a means, a naked blade? For a brief moment, a month ago, Blake had made her feel like a real woman…

The movements of the couple accelerated, their bodies intertwined in their lustful dance. The hotness was spreading like a plague through Fiora’s body, there was a dense ball of flame down in her belly that made her hips sway uncontrollably, rubbing against the fabric of her confines. Flashes of her night with Blake invaded her mind. She had been disciplined for so long, she had restrained herself, stomped any desire, any emotion, and he had given her a glimpse of a different world…

She couldn’t think any more. Her body needed, demanded attention and every thrust the man shoved inside the other woman felt like a knife in her heart. Something inside her broke and she didn’t want vengeance any more, she didn’t want to kill Elise or to escape from Blake or to prove her innocence, all she wanted was to switch places with the other woman and to be the one whose hips shook so delightfully.

Suddenly Blake’s body tensed and Elise’s legs rose, locking in an ankle cross behind him. Fiora’s bound body violently shook in frustration, her flower itching and unsatisfied.

“I think she’s ready to come down.” said the summoner, slowly getting up from his conquest.

Elise reached for an invisible string and Fiora’s wrapped body slowly descended from the ceiling, until her feet gently touched the ground. Blake,dagger in hand and covered in just his mantle, came towards her and inserted the blade between her breasts, pulling it down to slash open her cocoon. The young woman lost her balance and fell down on all fours, completely naked.

“Come on, come over here sweetie, don’t be shy.” came a voice like thick sirop. She raised her head to see Elise, legs open, still laying back as she had been. The spider web behind her formed a sort of throne in the shape of her body that held her half-lying in a relaxed yet regal pose, her sex shamelessly exposed. A thin white trail was leaking out. Despite her best judgement, Fiora slowly crawled towards her.

“Blake has told me so much about your true nature, so there’s no need to pretend my dear, just do whatever feels natural.” the Spider Queen laughed.

Fiora crawled a little closer. She was almost between Elise’s legs now and she was burning with shame, but her mind was chained, she couldn’t get up, she couldn’t think straight.

Behind her, Blake approached and she felt his hand bury in her hair, gripping it tightly.

“Let’s drop the act, girl, you know you want to.” he said harshly, thrusting her forward. There was a smell of sex that suddenly overwhelmed her and her instincts took over completely. She began meekly licking what was left after the ordeal and her legs spread apart on their own accord, showing Blake her own wet flower.

“I have to admit, I never believed this plan of yours could work” said Elise gleefully. “You are such a wicked man.”

“And you are a wicked woman.” replied the summoner, his fingers already caressing Fiora’s twitching folds. “Our arrangement still stands - be mine, help me achieve my dream, and I’ll bring all the bitches down on their knees to lick your cursed sex. You can even eat some of them afterwards, when they’re no longer of any use.”

Elise laughed again, an evil laughter that made her breasts bounce delightfully. Fiora thought she ought to do something, she ought to oppose this evil plan, to resist, to be a hero. Instead she licked off the dripping seed mixed with juices and felt her body shiver in pure lust as the summoner entered inside her from behind. The fire in her belly was excruciating, she had to obey it, to quench it, no matter what.

“Do you hear that, Fiora?” mused Blake as he began thrusting inside her. “We will bring the world to our knees and you will be our first pet. You should be honored.” She continued licking, spreading her hips wider to allow him deeper access. Somehow, it didn’t matter.

“You should tell her, Blake. I’d love to see her face.”

“I was just waiting for the right moment, my love. But since you’ve brought it up…” His hand lightly touched Fiora’s neck and she felt a slight pain and a ripple of heat pulse through her head. “Do you feel that, girl? The lustful venom has already spread deep throughout your body and mind, liberating who you truly are - meek and obedient.” That made sense to Fiora - it certainly explained why she was suddenly so eager to go along with all that - but even knowing the cause she couldn’t bring herself to snap out of it.

“And do you know what the best part is?” - he was caressing her now, his hand running down her hair as if saying “good girl” while he was fucking her - “The best part is if you orgasm in this state, the changes will become permanent, locked into your mind and etched into your spirit.”

Her mind was spinning, the words sinking in like daggers. She would be. Like this. Forever?

Her sex clenched tightly around him, spasming in uncontrollable ecstasy. It was too much. The thought of giving in, of relinquishing her carapace of steel and becoming weak, becoming obedient, becoming a woman…

Blake seized the moment grab her tighter, rocking her body as a ragdoll.

“Look me in the eyes, girl” said Elise, a finger lifting her chin up. The spider queen was beautiful and terrifying. Her lips twisted in a cruel smile. “Submit” she whispered. “Submit and become our pet.

The fire in her belly grew hotter. She was almost there, she could feel herself standing on the edge of the abyss, the void pulling her down to an endless ocean of desire that would drown her for all eternity.

“Let your flower bloom” ordered the Queen. “Let it open and accept the sweet nectar. You know you want to submit. Open now, and it will be all over.”

She closed her eyes and felt the strength leave her. She couldn't resist. The abyss was calling. She leaned, she tumbled…. and she fell.

Her body shook into an uncontrollable orgasm the moment the summoner’s seed spilled inside her. It was the most wonderful and terrible moment of her life. Her mind went blank as her body burned. It was over. Her senses erupted into pure euphoria that washed over her in wave after wave. Naked, Fiora curled into the summoner’s feet. There was no use to pretend now. Gently, he caressed her hair.

“You are truly an incredible man” said Elise, rising from her luxurious position. “I have seen a great many things during the years, but this… this is something new, entirely.”

She fell to her knees and bowed her head to her new king. Blake caressed her too and pressed her head against him, then he looked up. The cave was dark, but his gaze pierced through it, it pierced through the webs and rocks and into the night sky, where it saw the stars and it felt the beginning of greatness.

Two weeks later, on a ship somewhere in the Eastern Ocean…

The hard wooden boards of the deck had left red marks on the girl’s knees, but she continued crawling forward, seemingly oblivious to her splintered skin. “Go on, drink now”, a beautiful voice said as bowl was put on the floor in front of her. It was unthinkable not to obey the voice, that wonderful voice of her mistress. The girl approached the bowl and lowered her head to drink like a dog. A hand gently caressed her head as she did.

Her mind instantly rewarded her with a warm, pleasurable feeling. She was a good girl and Mistress had praised her! The girl felt happy and serene. Neither her metal cuffs not the chill draft on her naked skin bothered her, not truly. The important thing was to obey.

“That’s enough now. Time to return to your duties.”

The hand retracted the bowl and took the chain, leading her back to the bed, where her Master was lying on a satin sheet, his torso propped on a mountain of pillows as he peered thoughtfully into a wine cup. His robe was undone, revealing a skinny but muscular stomach and his long, half-erect member, still covered from the girl’s juices.

“You forgot to clean him last time” said the beautiful voice again. Then a flog whooshed through the air, slapping the girl’s bottom and leaving a burning red mark. She winced from the pain from Mistress’ disapproval and immediately went to lick him clean. When she was done, Mistress gave her another kiss on the neck that made her feel even warmer and happier. She was truly lucky to be taken care of like that.

“Up you go again” said the wonderful voice, pulling the chain to force her to stand upright and get herself on top of the man again. “You know what to do.”

She looked at the man, and he looked back at her, silently. There was love in his eyes, for he loved her - that the girl was deeply certain of - but there was also just a tinge of disapproval, as if he was asking what she was waiting for, why she couldn’t be a good girl and fulfil her simple role. Her Master didn’t speak much these days - not to her, not unless she had truly earned it. He left her training to Mistress and only intervened every so often if he was truly pleased with her progress. The girl gulped and took his member - now fully erect after she’d licked it clean - and gently pushed it underneath her, lifting her body up and then lowering it down with a soft moan as it entered her wet folds.

Mistress left her to it went to kiss the man, pulling him away from his wine glass. The girl watched their lustful exchange with envy.

“How much longer do you need?”

“I think she’s almost ready. Depending in what condition you want her, of course.”

“I need a useful tool. Don’t break her completely - she has to be able to fight. For now.”

“As you wish.”

“ Don’t worry, my queen, later we can have some fun. I’ll show you just how low she can go…”

‘Oh, you truly are a wicked man!”

They kissed again, a trail of saliva running down from Mistress’ chin and onto her pale breasts. Then she turned to the girl and nonchalantly shoved her away to the ground and took her place, pulling the man into a tangled web of kisses and lust.

The girl curled naked on the floor, watching their heated embrace with jealousy, a hand sliding to her aching flower. The ship silently pressed onwards.