Summoner's Corruption

Chapter 5 - Breaking Points

There was softness beneath her and a familiar scent in the air. She slowly moved her limbs, as if through water, though there were neither chains nor shackles to hold her. Vi was on a bed. She lifted her head and looked around. How did she get here? She rubbed her pounding head but it was hard to concentrate. The haze wouldn’t go away.


Her body jerked, and she blushed in the darkness. The wretched device was still inside her.Her fingers clawed at the belt around her waist but it was impossible to get it off or even find a weakness. It was well secured.


Her body jerked again and she had to breathe in a couple of times. Her hips were shaking lewdly on their own, but she tried to ignore that fact. Out, she had to get out…

The door was ajar. It took her a few moments to process the fact, but the door of the room was half-open, letting a greenish hextech halo seep in from outside. Had they been so negligent? Or did somehow aid her escape? It hardly mattered. Vi forced herself up, pulling the silky sheet to wrap it around her naked body. Everything hurt, everything was aflame. She couldn’t trust her muscles.

Bzz… Bzzz…. Bzzz….

She stumbled a few feet and clenched her groin, but there was nothing she could do. Her tummy was hot and walking was hard. All she wanted was to lie down… Suddenly, there were footsteps outside, coming closer towards the room. As much as she could, Vi got a hold of herself and prepared to tackle whoever came in. Clumsily, she slid behind the door and waited.


After several moments, the door opened and Caitlyn walked into the room, moving towards the bed, back towards Vi. Her heart started pumping like crazy.

Bzzzzzz….. bzzzzzzzz….

No! This wasn’t…. it wasn’t her Caitlyn…

“Damn impostor!” she cried, jumping towards the girl and pushing her onto the bed. She gave off a shrill cry which was immediately muffled as Vi forced her head into the pillow.

“Why?! Why are you dressed like her?! Why my Cait?!”

The buzzing was getting stronger and the haze was thick in her mind again. What had they done? Those bastards, those damn bastards…. how did they dare…. in front of her… and this wretched creature that pretended to be cait…

She started hitting the girl, weak powerless hits as her body refused to obey her orders, though was still strong enough to push down the impostor. How could she pretend to be…. Vi started tearing her clothes off, Caitlyn’s clothes that this girl didn’t deserve….

Bzzzzzz…. Bzzzzz…...Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Her anger boiled over into the haze in her mind and the heat in her tummy and she sat on top of the girl, who was now in tatters, and forced a finger inside her cunt.

“How do you like this, you fucking harlot?!”

There were muffled moans and squirms coming from the pillow and Vi picked up the pace, all of her feelings bursting out.

“You fucking little liar, you imposter, how dare you…!!! How dare you pretend to be her!!!”


There was fire and fury inside her now, anger and desire. She didn’t care to escape, she had to let it out, let everything out that they had bottled inside her for these past few days. She had to punish this girl, she had to punish Caitlyn for pretending, for not believing her, for never seeing the truth…

She started trashing the girl, harder and rougher, plunging inside her, hitting her ass, her body, pulling her hair and shoving her down again, over and over until everything reached a breaking point….


“That’s enough for now.”

The device ceased abruptly, leaving a gaping void inside her.

“Nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she screamed hysterically, turning around towards the hooded figure. She wasn’t wearing a mask now, and her face was familiar, familiar for its cold eyes and cruel smile, but she just couldn’t remember it right now…

“Immobilize her.”

There was a sudden force that pulled her up and stretched her limbs outwards, preventing all resistance. Still riding the high wave, Vi desperately flailed, trying to satiate the bottomless frustration inside her. She was so, so close…

The cruel smile approached towards her and a black hand ran a finger on her sweaty cheek, then down, lightly touching the tip of her erect nipple.


“Aaaagh!” she cried out, helpless to the torture.

The woman leaned in and bit her neck. There was a hot wave that propagated through her body. It took slowly cleared away all other feelings, all hesitation, all doubt, all cold reason. There was only anger and arousal. There was only Vi, and Cait and the lovely smile.

The force finally left her and she succumbed to weakness, her body falling limb. As her eyes closed, Vi knew what she had to do.

At present

Elise fastened the last strap around the sheriff’s wrist and took a few steps back, admiring her work. The former Piltover star was now helplessly bound on all fours, her naked body glistening in the hextech halo of the lamps. She was still unconscious, but the Spider Queen was very much looking forward to her waking up.

A few feet away the other girl was waiting impatiently, struggling to hold still while her body twitched involuntarily and her hips swayed back and forth in small circles. The device inside her, which Elise has helped fill with her own venom, released small doses of it every now and then, keeping the victim in a constant state of aroused euphoria. The longer the exposure, the more the mind was numbed and the primal desires exposed. After several days of constant treatment, the fighter had already fallen deep into the abyss, foregoing all but the slimmest chances of recovery. For now.

Elise grinned to herself.

Fiora, who had already been broken into a proper servant, stepped forward with a pinch of herbs that she flinged under Caitlyn’s nostrils, bringing her back into consciousness. The sheriff stirred, then struggled, then cried out.

“What is the meaning of this, summoner?!”

The Ionian man, standing right before her, only looked down at the tied girl, his lips curling into the slightest of smiles at her furious eyes. Elise couldn’t help but admire his evil nature, his sheer audacity and willingness to break all the rules. Few aimed as high as he did, and fewer still dared act so boldly upon their ambition.

“Go on, child” she said calmly, handing Vi another long cylindrical device like the one she wore. It latched on to the front of her chastity belt, becoming a sort of mechanical member. The broken girl didn’t need much explanation for what to do next.

She crawled towards Caitlyn’s bare backside, glazed eyes and mouth drooling as her own body was still continuously subjected to the torture. Elise almost felt sorry for her, knowing that Blake had every intention of keeping her that way indefinitely. The Spider Queen was curious to see how much farther the girl could break.

“You’ll pay for this! I’ll get my partner out and you’ll rot in a Piltover jail for the rest of your lives!” shouted Caitlyn, still oblivious to what was going on behind her. “You don’t know who you’re-” her voice cut short as Vi’s hand grabbed her waist. Could she tell it was her partner from just touch? wondered Elise, observing the scene with interest. Vi pulled herself up and climbed on top of Caitlyn, pressing her naked breasts against her back.


Holding more steadily now, the pink-haired brawler grabbed Caitlyn’s waist with both hands and pushed. The metal device found its target and plunged in half-way, emitting a soft glow.

Caitlyn cried out.

“Your ‘partner’ has a few thoughts to share regarding her true feelings towards you” smirked Blake, still standing in front of Cait. Elise kept herself hidden for now, standing behind where the tied sheriff couldn’t see her. She made a silent gesture and her other pet, Fiora, responded instantly, coming to kneel at her side. Satisfied, the spider woman gave her a little pat on the head, then focused on the view.

The bitemarks still fresh on the side of Vi’s neck, her body was clearly overwhelmed by the abundance of toxin in her bloodstream. Her skin was beginning to shine with the same sickly glow as Fiora’s, an indicator of the alterations going on within her. She was almost there, Elise could tell. Ready for the Final Change, ready to give in to the fatal orgasm that would forever lock her in her service. And then she would help them to the same thing to Caitlyn. The plan was so perfect, so cruel, so delicious. The spider queen licked her lips.

Moving slightly closer, she noticed that the Piltover sheriff was starting to give off brief, muffled moans and could no longer bear to watch the Ionian summoner, her face instead meekly facing the floor. Vi, riding her mercilessly, was muttering some incoherent words as she pushed the cylinder harder and harder into her partner. Her own device was also buzzing, Elise was sure, causing her body to edge closer and closer to its breaking point.

“Are you ready to tell us the truth now, girl? What you’ve always hidden, all these years…”

“Aaargh!” cried out Vi in blind euphoria, her breasts bouncing from the aggressive pounding.

“Vi… stop… please…” wailed Caitlyn, barely audibly. Whether it was that Vi didn’t hear her, didn’t care, or that it only angered her more, she continued her relentless punishment of the policewoman.

“Good, give her what she deserves!” laughed Elise.

The brawler increased the pace even more, her hips violently colliding against Cait’s buttocks over and over again as her stomach trembled from the vibrations and power of both devices.

“Take her Vi.” ordered Blake. “Take her now or you will remain caged forever, a prisoner of your unleashed desires.”

Vi’s eyes glazed with madness and lust and she broke off into a frenzied state, her entire body thrusting and shaking. After several long moments of this she climaxed, her nails digging into the sheriff’s skin and her eyes rolling into ecstasy. The device inside her gave off a few last buzzes, culminating into a powerful shock, then silence.

“Good girl” praised her Elise, placing a hand on her lower back and keeping her inside Caitlyn a few moments longer. The other device had activated as well, and though that training was just beginning, the Spider Queen could see the sheriff’s clenched fists and her shortened breaths. But most importantly of all, her open flower, spasming and contracting around the device that her partner had forced inside her. Whatever verbal denials would follow, her body had already betrayed the signs.

When she eventually climbed off of Caitlyn, Vi’s eyes were fogged and inert. The deed was done, she had fallen irreversibly into the spider’s web. The once proud fighter knelt obediently next to Fiora.

“Another gift for my Queen”, mused Blake. “And the next one shall follow soon, my love.”

“I am sure it will.” said Elise with a pleased voice, then moved in and kissed him. “What are our next plans?”

Blake moved to the nearest window and opened it, gazing into the calm night sea. “We will stay here for a few more days, until the punk manages to craft a story for us. Then we will take enough provisions and set on a long sail… “ he trailed off.

“East. We’re going East.”

“Very well, master. Come, my pets. There is much to be done.”

Vi and Fiora rose up and followed after her as Elise exited the small cabin and went up to the deck. No doubt Blake would love to have his own private “conversation” with Caitlyn… the thought made Elise smile to herself. It was a strange thing, really. As a mortal woman, she had always experienced a strong jealousy and sense of possession towards her lovers. In her true form, the Spider Queen had regarded all men as either food, useful tools or slaves at best. But this… this was something entirely new. Her relationship with Blake could hardly ever fit into the definition of romantic. It had started as a contract, a mutual arrangement, but somehow it was growing into so much more. The height of his ambition and the depths of his cunning never ceased to surprise and impress her. Was it something in the loving cruelty with which he tortured Fiora, that poor creature that would do anything for him? Or was it the brazen audacity with which he had turned the two Piltover partners against each other? It was hard to know for certain, but Elise was growing deeply fascinated with the Ionian man.

She went below deck again, this time heading towards his cabin. She shackled each of her pets to one corner of the queen-sized bed, giving them a tender and intoxicating kiss that made Fiora rub her wet sex and Vi pull in frustration at her metal cage. Then the Spider Queen finally got rid of all those bothersome human clothes and sprawled herself naked on the satin sheets, her body glistening with a dark sheen. Soon, he would be done with Caitlyn and would want to come back to his cabin. She was going to be sure to welcome her King properly.