Hey guys, Vincent Valensky here, writer by day and pervert by night, or is that the other way around? I started XFiction as a way to show my projects to the world and see how they'll be received. My goal is create erotica that is both sensual and hardcore, arousing and meaningful. I find my inspiration in BDSM, erotic litterature, eroguro, art, music, people, and much more.

Favourite themes/fetishes

My fetish list is staggeringly long, but I love dark themes, exploring stories that end badly, include domination and submission; irreversible changes and psychological games. I'm also quite fond of contrasting aesthetics, beautiful girls alongside grotesque beasts, frailty against strength, beauty versus monstrosity.

My Projects

I'm involved in a variety of projects, but the main ones are my short stories and project friends. In my short stories I explore various concepts and ideas that can be expressed in a few pages, while project friends focuses on relationships and the way our individual quirks and fetishes shape us as poeple and define our friends and lovers.


I take comissions! If you like what you see here and want me to write for you, contact me at