True Desires

There was a sudden sense of warmth, followed by the bumpy texture of a canine tongue licking off her dripping juices. It took her by surprise and at first she didn’t even have the time to be embarrassed. But then the mutt hopped on top of her and there were a pair of paws clenching her hips and something warm and wet that poked against her. She froze in the moment.

“Down boy, go away!” cried the homeless man with a hoarse voice, startled out of his happy place. The dog didn’t obey and he shouted again, rising to shoo it away.

There was a brief moment when their eyes interlocked. Her lips were still around his cock, a line of drool dripping down her mouth. An electric tension filled the air and for that instant Gabriela could see herself in his eyes, could see the whore crawling on the floor, sunken so low that even a dog could climb on top of her.

Is this my place?

How could she live with herself if even in her darkest disgust she felt arousal? How could she ever pretend to be anything but a grotesque mockery of a faithful maiden?

The movement was slight, but undeniable. Her legs crawled a little farther apart, her back bent a little lower to ground. The man stared at her. In his gaze, there was surprise, then disbelief, then disgust. Of course he would be disgusted with her. Even he had some morals, even he who lived with beasts had not fallen so low.

Unlike her. And now her lust spread like an infection, from her to him. His fat lips curled in a twisted smile and he sat back.

His big, heavy hand lay on the back of her head, and pushed her down, shoving him down her throat. And then the mutt was inside her.

It was the worst of her fears come true. It was bestial, it was primal, it was rough. And she couldn’t forgive herself for how good it felt. It was wrong, on so many levels. The shape, the size, the slimy texture. And despite all that it was pleasure, it was pure bliss that she had longed for all her life. Every thrust stole an embarrassed squeal, muffled by the cock in her mouth.

The homeless man finally seemed to understand who she was, what she was. The deformed worm grew harder and longer, throbbing and wriggling in her mouth. His hand pushed her all the way down, shoving her face down to the root of the stem. She felt him at the back of her throat, swelling like a sore thumb, like an infected corpse ready to burst with puss. And then it came, a foul spray, viscous and sticky, a seed of depravity and decay that she eagerly gulped down.

Behind her, the beast followed suite. A swelling at the base of its member locked it in place, while it spurred out more filth deep inside her. It seemed to last for hours, going on and on. Her mind span and she felt like sinking deep into the ground, deep to the fiery core of the Earth. Where she belonged.

This is an excerpt from the story "The Dangerous Way Home".