Prisoner of Web

The spider approcahes her face to yours and you feel her overwhelming presence. You get down on your knees and remove your shirt, giving her a good unobstructed view of your naked breasts.

She rubs one of your nipples with her hand, making it stiff.

Your heart punds faster. She leans closer still, gently kissing your neck. You feel a light prick and an injection of euphoria. The world turns on its head.

'Now open wide, girl'

Somehow her clothes melt away and you see a long thick ovipositor between her legs. Your lips part away as the creature gets on top of you and pushes the apendage in your mouth.

'I want to be obedient. I want to submit. I want to please her.'

You diligently suck her organ, refusing to think and refusing to care about the realities of the situation. You want to be a good girl for your mistress.

After a while a burst of fluid fills your mouth and you eagerly gulp it down, feeling it splash inside your tummy.

Your view becomes blurry and the room is fading away. Suddenly you're on a giant spiderweb, intricate and complex, woven like a bed and drapes, and like blankets and sheets, like carpet and curtains. All around, the rooms is littered with bones of various shapes and sizes, all gnawed to a clean white. Beside them lay the corpses of smaller animals, sucked dry and shrivelled as if there remained nothing but a layer of skin covered by dry fur..

Your attention shifts back to yourself - laying on your back, body wrapped in a cocoon neck to toes, with only your head sticking out to breathe. You can't help but notice that your belly is bulging out abnormally, swollen to the size of a basketball. Your terror is multiplied as you feel a soft movement inside you and you start screaming.

'Hush, my dear, no need to fret' The teeth sink into your neck again and the darkness returns, this time deeper and final.. 'A shame, you were pretty... but you will be such a wonderful mother, I promise... when my children eat their way through your flesh... now sleep..'.

You wriggle helplessly, but the toxin does its work quickly and the world dissapears.

This is a modified excerpt from the game "Transylvania".