Midnight Encounter - Alternative version

You're close enough that the smell hits you, a bestial smell of sweat and mucus that is both repulsive and attractive in its repulsiveness. Your body responds to it with a growing hotness an a light-headed feeling that borders on euphoria.

The creature takes a step towards you and your eyes fall down to its giant erection.

Damn it, I used too much pheromones!

Your error is clear now, but it's too late to fix it. The intentions of the beast are clear and you doubt you can outrun or dissuade it. You may have gotten yourself in this situation, but you're not going to give in to the beast just like that!

I still smell like a werewolf, so the beast probably won't eat me this time. Perhaps I can get around it...

You quicken your pace and try to brush past the beast. However as soon as it sees you running away, it leps after you, easily pinning you to the ground.


At least you tried. It's little consolation, but it's all you have. Despite your body's burning heat, you still tried to resist. You didn't want this. As the beast's erect member pokes under your garments, you prepare for the worst.

You are were ready for what you expected, but you weren't ready for this.

In its lust and rage, the werewolf pushes its member into your back entrance, howling with pleasure.


Your ass stretches wide with a single thrust. He's too big, way too big for you, and you immediately realize that your human body could never safely handle anything of this size.

You are surprised to find out that you're wrong. Your flesh stretches and adapts with unnatural ease, letting the werewolf's giant phallus plunge deep inside you.

You somehow know that it's the bracelet's fault. Your body has changed, and it's not just in outward appearance. You have become more adaptable, more resilient.... and more sensitive.

However much you try to take control, your body craves it. It needs it. Your breasts are bouncing with every thrust of the beast, moans escaping your lips despite your best efforts.

How did things come to this...?

You let the beast do its thing, until it finally tenses up. Its member inflates inside you, locking into place and you feel a series of spurts shoot deep insde your guts.

The werewolf keeps you in place for a few more minutes, until his knot finally deflates and he plops free from you.

With a dizzy head, you slowly recover from the experience. When you finally manage to get up, your legs shaking, the beast is nowhere to be seen.

This is an excerpt from the game "Transylvania".