Night of Trial

Yuna took a left turn, then another, running without looking, surefooted and quick. The endless twists of the maze seemed much clearer, starting to form a coherent image in her head. They was very close now. She could feel it in her bones, in the air, dryer and hotter, indicating the proximity of the Chamber of the Fayth.

She led her party with iron confidence, letting them take care of minor annoyances while she concentrated on their goal. Every step she took filled her with pride, her heart beating fast from excitement. Yuna, The Summoner. She liked the sound of that. Her clever wits, her fast reflexes, everything had brought her to this moment. She had overcome in a breeze every obstacle along the way. She was ready. Soon her journey would lead them to the heart of the temple, to the Chamber and the final test, the proof of her worthiness. She bit into her lip.

Another orb, another glyph, another puzzle solved with ease. Yuna’s eyes shone, illuminated by the lingering magic symbols, as a portion of the wall slid into the floor, opening a new pathway.

They stepped through the settling dust and Yuna immediately knew. This was it. The final corridor. Wide and straight, it was lined with statues on both sides, silent guardians to her imminent success. At the end she could see an immense gate, a massive ornate door encrusted with gold and precious stones. Not able to contain herself any more, the summoner ran through the last meters, reaching the end in a heartbeat and pushing the gate open with both hands.

Rushing into the Chamber, she stopped abruptly, catching her breath. It was a large, stone dome, filled with stone statues and eerie light from the lanterns. Her guardians stood at the entrance, leaving her the honor of the final trial.

 Just a bit more. It was almost over. She didn’t know whether the aeon would test her wisdom with questions or would send minions to prove her strength, but in her heart Yuna could already anticipate the moment of glory, the taming of the aeon, the day everyone would finally see her full potential.

Standing in the center of the giant stone circle, she began the ritual.

Her last words still resonating in her ears, the girl felt the ground move, a deep, powerful tremor running through the temple floor. A large shadow emerged from the floor, a gathering darkness that grew bigger and thicker, materializing into a strange and unfathomable silhouette.

The colossal creature loomed over Yuna, looking down on her with a flaming,  impenetrable gaze. She took a step back, her words stuck in her throat. This was not what she had expected.

Several times her own size, the creature had a long, yellowish muscular body, from which spanned two giant wings, flapping rhythmically to keep it airborne. Under its wings however, Yuna realized in cold terror, there was a wriggling mass of appendages, things she could only describe as tentacles and had no place on a flying creature.

Regaining her composure, Yuna stepped forward, trying to shake off her initial shock. Her pride as a summoner pushed her to action. She felt ashamed for having been scared of the creature. She had this under control.

“Greetings, Valefor. I have come to pass the final trial and prove my worth. I am ready”. She stood defiantly, waiting for the test to begin.

Without warning, the giant creature plunged towards her. The violent impact pushed the air out of her as the nightmarish aeon pulled her upwards with itself, its wriggling tentacles wrapping themselves around her limbs with tremendous force. Rapidly gaining altitude, the two of them accelerated towards the ceiling at a dangerous speed. There was no crash that followed, the world instead turning to ghostly teal and purple shades, phasing out of existence, then, before she knew it, snapping back into reality, the normal saturated colors returning with violent intensity.

  Yuna found herself high above the ground, the temple and the surrounding village somewhere far underneath her. It was all too fast. She didn’t have time to react. She was completely overwhelmed by the sudden experience, the strange touch of the aeon feeling both menacing and comforting. She felt somehow safe yet deeply in danger, and this overflow of mixed signals paralyzed her brain.

The creature’s iron grip held her like a puppet, like a tiny little toy under Valefor’s strong body. Before the girl had time to think, to speak, to ask questions, various other tentacles plunged forcefully under her garments, wriggling violently to all sides, tearing off pieces of cloth until they ripped everything to shreds.

 Yuna was naked and vulnerable. Suddenly a jolt of pain shot through her, finally ending her paralysis. She became aware that the aeon was not just holding her , but its tentacles were now pulling her limbs further and further apart, spreading her mercilessly, as if to test if she would break. Her arms and legs outstretched to dangerous limits, a primal fear gripped her brain. She was going to be torn apart! She started  struggling violently, achieving almost no effect, her margin for movement diminishing quickly as the tension built up in her limbs.

The tentacles around her ankles and wrists twisted themselves, coiling more and more, tightening their grip. Yuna cried out in pain. Had the aeon deemed her unworthy? Was this her punishment? Was she going to die here and now? The questions drowned her, panic tightening her throat.

 Instead of executing her, Valefor flew with Yuna through the sky, in what seemed to be some grotesque mockery: the tentacles began spreading her legs, slowly, pulling them to the side as if the creature was assisting her in some bizarre exercise, until her pussy stretched wide open, presented for the entire world to see.

 Instinct pushed her to cover her face, but her arms were bound, her struggles - completely useless. She was defenceless. There was nothing she could do, no way to cover herself. Everyone could see. Tears flowed down Yuna’s face as she started sobbing from shame.

In this desperate situation, a primal part of her mind found the whole thing perversely exciting, reminding her of her exhibitionism as a young girl. She would sometimes go down to the village, running innocently with the other children while not wearing anything under long, free-flowing robe. She would  tingle with anticipation, dreading someone would discover her but wishing for it anyway, touching herself when no one was looking, trying to make one of the boys discover her secret and giving up on her plan in the last minute. She eventually suppressed those impulses, becoming a serious girl, a proud summoner; but now, in her final moments, those memories rushed back, vivid in her mind, and through the humiliation the creature inflicted her a part of Yuna enjoyed having her pussy finally exposed for the entire village to see. It was a fitting death, she thought.

“Not so proud now, are you?” spoke a voice in her head.

Torn out of the comfort of her memories, she tried to regain her composure.

“What do you want?” Yuna cried out, struggling against the muscular mass of tentacles that held her in the degrading position. Instead of a reply, she felt a rough touch underneath her, the creature’s giant tail rubbing her stomach and her exposed sex.

Not deeming it necessary to give her an answer, Valefor began a long downward spiral, descending towards the village rooftops, the tiles and pillars gaining detail and texture as they approached. Soon the summoner could clearly make out the figures of the villagers walking in the streets, the animals in the yards, the kids playing around. Then came the terrifying realization that they could clearly see her too.

“I hate proud and arrogant summoners!” hissed Valefor in her mind.

Forcing her to face towards the village, the aeon started to rub the end of its tail against her slit, moving up and down, wriggling its way between her lips, pushing them to the side, finding all of her delicate, sensitive spots and ravaging them with a sadistic intensity.

“No! Stop!” shouted Yuna, her voice a mixture of fear and desperation. “I’m a summoner, you can’t do this to me! You have to obey me!”. She tried to put more authority in the last words than she actually had.

“Have to?” creaked the voice in her head. “Obey?” the word cut into her conscience like a hot needle. “I don’t have to anything. You have to pass my trial!”

Still acutely aware that the villagers could see, trying to fight the waves of pain of the rough tail rubbing on her womanhood, Yuna tried to create a safe bubble in her mind.

“I will! I will pass your test!”

“Is that so?” boomed the voice, hammering her mind like an anvil. Ceasing its violent traction against her skin, the giant tail pulled back, until the tip of it was facing her defenceless opening.

In that moment Yuna realized how hot she felt, how, against her will, the pain and humiliation had made her wet and how her own body was starting to betray her. The reality of what was about to happen hit her like a giant wave, drowning her in its inevitability, her vision darkening, her lungs gasping for air while she was fighting the panic that was raising yet again. At this point, there was nothing she could do or say to prevent that terrible thing from entering her. The waiting only made it worse, each second suffocating her in helplessness.

“Very well!” laughed the voice at last. “You must endure the night to pass the trial.”

Then came the inevitable, the giant tail sinking inside her, forcing her flesh to expand along the way. Valefor began to ascend,  massive wings flapping faster and faster, all the while her tail ravaged the summoner. The world darkened.

Yuna didn’t know if minutes or hours had passed. Her only indication of time - the night sky around her - remained dark and uncaring. In timeless shame, she endured her punishment.

And it was a punishment. She had long understood it wasn’t really a test. The hissing voice, that cruel tormentor, ravaged not only her body, but her mind, her memories. It uncovered all of her secrets, her most private, most intimate moments and exposed them to its cold, relentless scrutiny. It brought her shame to light. It saw her moments of pride and mocked them, fucking her angrily while playing them in her head, over and over again. Each time her pride dwindled and her shame flared, until it was painful for her to face her moments of pride, until she felt embarrassed of how she had thought that she was better than the others. She wasn’t. She couldn’t be. It was clear to her now.

 Her inquisitor saw in her twisted thoughts, her dirty desires, and it forced her to face them while taking the punishment that she deserved. And she did deserve it. She had been arrogant, proud, egocentric. Her accomplishments which her brought her fame and respect were often largely the work of her guardians. She had abused her position as a summoner time and again. She had toyed with her guardians. She had seduced men, only to throw them away, deeming them unworthy to be seen with her. She was truly despicable.

Something broke in Yuna and she realized that it was not torture, but redemption. It was an opportunity to redeem herself for all that she had done, to pay for her arrogance and ambition. Even more than that. She saw herself as a young girl again. A young girl that was not innocent. A young girl that wanted to be discovered, to be punished. At the time she hadn’t dared imagine the punishment, it had remained a taboo, a vague notion in her head, a sweet unattainable fruit, a forbidden concept. But now she knew. She saw clearly the young girl running in her free-flowing robe, the rough fabric rubbing against her bare skin, her erect nipples. And she understood, years later, what was the punishment she had been waiting for at the time.

And piercing her mind, Valefor understood that she understood. The ravaging stopped, the tail pulled free from inside her. The tension was released from her limbs. Yuna hung in the air, free. The tentacles supported her but were no longer restraining her. A deep calm overtook her.

Then, gently, carefully, the numerous tentacles started turning her to her side, then flipped her over, releasing her from one point and wrapping her at another,  until she found herself on her back, facing Valefor.

The scale of the creature struck her again. Valefor had a long, muscular body which was now only inches away from her, it’s torso filling the entirety of her vision. A thick, bestial smell invaded her nostrils and she breathed it in deeply, a primal part of her brain instantly wishing that she were even closer. In her mind, clouded with excitement and exhaustion, she imagined pressing her body against the soft fur and burying her fingers in the long feathers.

This strange, sudden affection for her tormenter had no logical basis and she knew it. But regardless, her tired body was unable to resist the urge, it longed to touch and to be touched. Her broken mind dared not present any arguments. As an answer to her longing, Valefor drew her a little closer, then  closer still, until the fur, soft and warm, pressed against her breasts and her bare belly.

 Yuna wrapped herself around the large torso, first her arms, locking instinctively around the aeon’s neck, her fingers burying in the thick red mane,  then she lifted up her legs, crossing them behind the slender waist as if drawing in a lover.

 The young girl was so close she could feel the beating of the creature’s giant heart, it’s deep, slow breaths entrancing her in their rhythm. She lifted her head up and Valefor gazed down at her, bony face with two bright yellow eyes, terrifying and fascinating, piercing into her own, breaking every barrier, exposing every secret, shattering her consciousness and calling to her darkest desires. It was a call to give in, to submit, to accept who she really is.

It seemed silly to her now when she thought of the old image she had had of herself, that proud and haughty summoner who could do anything. She realized how ridiculous that image truly was. She felt ashamed, ashamed of her pride, ashamed of her actions. She had to repent, to earn the forgiveness and approval of her terrible judge. This was the only thing that mattered. She had to show, to convince her master that she had learned her lesson.

Valefor creaked open its beak, a crooked, bird-like smile on a shining and inhuman face. Its long tongue extended forward, coiling like a giant red serpent, glistening in the starlight. It approached her face, hot, thick saliva dripping from it down on Yuna’s face, the little droplets falling on her cheeks, her chin, her lips. They had a rich, intoxicating taste. She opened her mouth, taking the tongues inside her, letting it explore her space and swirl around her own tongue. Yuna let herself be guided, following its movements as if she followed instructions, learning step by step the twisted choreography. All the while she held tightly to the creature, her legs lifted up as far as she could, leaving her exposed, waiting.

She could feel the burning anticipation inside her, her hot juices flowing eagerly from her. After such a long time of having the tail inside her this prolonged absence felt like punishment, but she knew better than to complain. All she had to do was be a good girl, follow instructions. Valefor was in her mind, but no longer an invader. It sat in the center on a golden throne, her new master and king and she knew that it was futile to hide anything. The creature no longer had to break barriers and roam in her memories. Yuna presented willingly every thought she had, every emotion, bare on her knees in front of that throne, waiting for approval.

And then Valefor was pleased. The tail bent downwards, positioning itself before her wet slit and Yuna accepted it readily, opening herself up for it, begging and thanking and losing herself in timeless ecstasy.

The tail impaled her, over and over again until it purged every thought, every memory of her arrogance and defiance. It cleansed her, removing all of her sins and leaving only a good, obedient girl.

 The curling tongue left her mouth and hovered in front of her face and Yuna knew what she had to do. She had to please, to prove herself worthy of what she was being given. She kissed the tongue, her lips closing on the rough texture, sucking in the precious drops of saliva. Then her mouth opened a little wider, taking some of it in, never ceasing to lick and kiss it.

To reward her efforts, the thrusts intensified, deeper and deeper inside her, claiming her, owning her, attesting to her good behaviour. She was no longer able to control herself. Clinging as hard as she could to the monstrous body she could only moan as her mind darkened into a maelstrom of desire. Then Valefor started to descend, fucking her harder and harder down the way, a wide, long spiral that seemed to lead to madness.

Unable to think, her moans became louder and louder with each turn of the spiral, then they were no longer moans but screams as she begged the creature not to stop.

Then they hit the ground, the air expelled from her lungs, the tail buried so deeper than ever inside her wet pussy. Clenching to it she orgasmed uncontrollably, her whole body shaking and shivering.

When she opened her eyes she was laying on the grass, naked, her body a mixture of aching and numbness. How much time had passed? She couldn't tell. Turning around she saw a dark figure looming over her. Valefor looked at her, expectantly. And then she knew it. The sun wasn’t up. The night wasn’t over. Her trial hadn’t ended. She had yet to prove that she was truly worthy.

Yuna rolled on the ground and lifted her ass up, ready to serve.