What is Hellscape?

Hellscape is a game about conquering the world! You gain followers and decide whether to make them fight for you, sell their bodies to make you money or breed with monsters to raise your armies. The game features seven girls with four special events each, for a total of 28 juicy erotic scenes!

It's also a game with heavy Visual Novel style narrative and an extensive Dungeon Crawling RPG system! We even have a tinge of city management! What more do you need?

So what's the story?

You play as Taranoir, lord of the Abyss and loyal servant to the goddess Tha'ria. Unfortunately she is captured by your enemies, which makes you lose most of your powers along with your kingdom. Desperate, you flee to the mortal world in search of new followers and a way to rescue Tha'ria.

Key Game Systems

The narration of the game is set in the style of a Visual Novel containing background images of your location, character sprites reflecting those talking and text boxes at the bottom to let you know what's going on.

The Dungeon Exploration is a map system that you can explore by moving the player icon throughout the dungeon in a way similar to turn-based strategy games. The dungeons also contain puzzles of various difficulties that unlock new and hidden areas.

The Combat system is turn-based with an active time gauge. The order of initiative changes during combat based on a character's speed. You can fight with three main combatants and have up to three in backup that can be swapped in if need be. As with all RPGs, characters gain XP to level up and unlock new abilities. You can also find loot and upgrade your items.

Finally, there is City Building, Government Management and World Conquering.(to be implemented)

By managing your government and conquering territories you unlock new dungeons and settlements, encounter new characters and get access to new quests. You can also choose what to do with your followers...

Finally! On to the fun part!

We know why you're here: Both the Brothel and the Slave Pens are places where you can engage your female characters in sexual activities.

In the Brothel you can progressively corrupt heroines or make them work to generate an income for you. Upgrading the Brothel lets you put more girls into prostitution as well as gives you access to more advanced training.

You get "talent points" at set intervals through leveling up and use those points to unlock new sexual training, which in turn affects the character's behavior and personality. Main characters have different paths that can be unlocked depending on how you treat them.

The sexual paths are Acrobatic, Innocence, Monster, Servitude, Submission and Wild. Each character has a Main, Opposite and Alternative path. New paths may be added in the future. When you max out one of the paths, the character's sprite and ultimate attack changes to reflect the completed path.

The Slave Pens

Here is where you put female characters to be bred with monsters (and some humans) in order to produce the Army Units you need to invade and conquer your neighbors. Of course, breeding girls is more fun with big nasty monsters, so you can go out and capture rare and exotic beasts by defeating them in dungeons. However, in order to accept monster breeding, the girls need some special training first.