The Promotion

Interlude - Frustration

The day moved painfully slow. Jake tried to get some work done, but he couldn’t concentrate. His thoughts were returning to Mollie, now sitting back at her dusk with a series of large silicone spheres shoved deep into her round butt. It was hot as hell. He had always wanted to do something like this to her.

Eventually he gave up and turned on the camera feed again. There she was, on her desk. But this time it was clear that something was up. Her face was a nice bright pink, giving her otherwise pale skin a heated sheen. Her nipples were visibly erect and almost poking out from her enormous cleavage. She shifted her weight from time to time, grimacing and biting her lip as she did. Her mixture of discomfort, pleasure, and building frustration was so growing so apparent that a few of her male coworkers were starting to turn heads as they walked past her desk, no doubt wondering what had come over the otherwise timid Mollie.

Jake was starting to get hard fast. Then somebody called Mollie and she had to lift up from her chair to peek into the adjacent cubicle. After exchanging a few words she noted something on a piece of paper and sat back again. Lowering herself onto the chair her eyes grew wider and then she shut them, giving a visible sigh. The roundest sphere had come out just a tiny bit when she got up and was now pushed again securely inside her.

He couldn’t take it any longer and dropped down his pants, giving in to the view. His own girlfriend, anally stretched and sighing heavily in front of her entire office. In her current outfit she looked like a total slut in heat. It was the most arousing thing he’d ever seen. It took him barely a minute to finish, and only 2 more to get hard again and go for round two, then three. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

When Mollie finally came home she was a mess. He could immediately tell how hot and bothered she had been for the better half of the day.

“How was your day, baby?” he asked simply.

“I-I can’t take this anymore!”

“Can’t take what? What happened?”

She didn’t reply, but was biting her lip again, looking at him. Seeing her in person, her nipples were still really hard. Mollie seemed to make a decision and went to the couch, climbing over on all fours and lifting her short skirt.

“Mollie, what are you doing?”

She reached back and pulled down her panties. Her ass was stretching around a large round base that plugged her butthole. Her pussy was already dripping wet and twitching.

“I need it, Jake, I need it so badly!”

“Weren’t you supposed to be saving yourself for the promotion?” he mused.

“I- I can’t take it, I need to be fucked!”

She didn’t know that he had spent the day masturbating to her delicious frustration. Even now, the view was enough to get him hard again. He could fuck her if he decided to. But he didn’t really need to. The power was in his hands. He could indulge her wish and destroy that pussy… or he could let her fall further into submissive frustration. He smiled.