The Promotion

Chapter 4 - Degradation

“I- I can’t take it, I need to be fucked!”

The power was in his hands. He could indulge her wish and destroy that pussy… or he could let her fall further into submissive frustration. He smiled.


She quivered in frustration pushing her wet hole towards him.

“Please, please, I really need it…”

“I don’t know…” he trailed, coming closer behind her, “you seemed pretty clear that your boss wouldn’t like that, not until he’s had a go first.”

“That doesn’t matter right now Jake, he won’t know a thing, please…”

“Won’t he though? I’m sure he will. He looks like the kind of man that notices things.”

“Please, Jake…” she wiggled her dripping pussy one more time. Seeing her act like such a slut was almost better than the sex itself. Jake’s resolve hardened. “No.”

Millie made an angry face, then rose up and stormed into the bathroom. She was going to take a shower, change out of her work clothes, and probably retire to their bedroom after what happened. The gears in Jake’s mind were turning. She had always found it near impossible to cum from her hands alone. What she needed was penetration. Or toys. Sometimes both. He grinned.

Half an hour later he heard Mollie’s wails from across the apartment. There was the sound of things being thrown around and drawers opening and shutting.

“Jake, do we have any spare batteries?” finally came her desperate call.

“I don’t think so. I think you used the last ones,” he shouted back.

“Damn iiit!” came her wail of desperation.

It was good that she couldn’t see his sadistic smile, nor the small bundle he had quietly hidden away under his own desc. It was almost a shame that things would end tomorrow. Jake was beginning to enjoy this little game. But there was no way this would drag any longer. With that giant ball stretching her rectum, Mollie could take any man, even one as gifted as her boss was…. so tomorrow was the day. She would go to work, finally open that naughty butt to a good ramming, get that raise, and that would be it. It was both reassuring and sad.

When Jake went to bed a few hours later, Mollie was already asleep. She was laying on her side, tangled in the covers. Seeing her up close, there was the slightest impression of her belly bulging forward. It was hard to tell, as she was already chubby, but then again all those balls had to be putting some pressure… Jake swallowed hard. She was a beauty. With those big round tits and ass, Mollie could have been a fertility idol in another era. And once this whole ordeal was over, perhaps she would be much more open to new experiences with him. It was perfect.

As he was going to sleep he softly caressed her thighs. The base of the plug was visible through her panties. He couldn’t resist the temptation and ever so gently pushed on it. She moaned in her sleep, tightening her cheeks, and rolled around. It was going to be a long night for Mollie.

The next day he got up as soon as she left and jumped on his computer. He wasn’t going to miss a minute. Loading up the previous link, Jake was greeted with a message: “ACCESS UPGRADED”, followed by the discovery that the camera feeds now had a little button allowing him to tune-in to the audio feed as well, this time by his own choice. It was marvellous.

Mollie arrived to work as dolled-up as ever and walking with the undeniable walk of a girl who has something up her bum. She had either completely given up on trying to hide it, or was simply incapable. The heads of her coworkers were turning, with raised eyebrows and visible smirks from the men.

She went to her desk and got to work as best as she could, which was to say she was doing almost no work at all. Jake could see the number of times she uncomfortably shifted her weight and adjusted her mini skirt. The guys passing by were starting to make lewd comments and she didn’t even bother denying them, just blushed and looked down.

Eventually one of the more daring ones came and casually placed a hand on her lower back, which Mollie did not resist. He leaned in and whispered something in her ear. Jake couldn’t make out the words, but it made the chubby girl blush. The hand moved lower towards her skirt and then - swiftly - darted under it. Mollie went still as the hand explored and then retracted as quickly as it had gone in. Her colleague knew everything and looked down on the dolled-up girl with a satisfactory grin on his face. He brushed a finger along her plump lips, leaving a smear of something that might have been her juices.

The man had barely walked away when Mollie sprang from her desk and strolled down the hallway. She was still walking in that funny and suspicious way, her face flaring and her nipples visibly hard through her thin top. She went a few floors up, brushed past her boss’ secretary, knocked on the door and, without waiting for a reply, barged in.

The man in the suit had his back turned and was away from his desk, stacking a number of documents on the shelf. Mollie went to his desk, bent over and lifted her skirt up.

“Ah. Mr Jakob warned me there was a whore at his work,” said a voice that was not her bosses.

Jake was glued to the screen, his heart rate increasing.

The old man approached Mollie who seemed too shocked to move from her compromising position.

“Why are you here, girl?” the older man asked, his breath in her eat.

“I-I came for Mr. Jakob…” Mollie managed.

He placed a hand firmly on her behind, feeling the plug first and then sliding forward towards her crotch.

“He’s on holiday, I’m managing in his absence. He forgot to fuck you today, is that it?”

She didn’t reply.

The business man undid his zipper and pulled out his cock.

“I see that you are a slut that needs fucking. Judging by how you barged in, you need some training too. I’m going to fuck you now, little slut. From your fat ass and big tits I can tell that you are probably one those worthless whores that can’t do any real work and are just hired to become office cum dumps. You are dripping wet just from the thought of it. By the time your training is complete you will be a good obedient slut taking cocks in all of her holes. But I’m getting ahead of myself… to begin you will hold your pussy open for me.”

There was a moment of hesitation, a moment Jake didn’t know how his girlfriend would react to all of the insults hurled at her. Then he watched in horror as Mollie reached behind and spread her cheeks obediently, presenting her wet hole.

Without waiting for a second invitation, the man plunged in, stealing a lustful moan as he pushed her against the desk. He took it slow at first, exploring the young pussy, but soon enough he sped up, going faster and harder until he was banging her brains out on the desk. For a man of his age he certainly had enough vigor and stamina, if Mollie’s moans were anything to go by.

The man reached around and plunged his hands in her cleavage, pulling her tits out and squeezing them mercilessly. Mollie had always had very sensitive breasts, and her hard nipples became an easy target for the old man’s playful fingers.

“Young sluts become the most obedient when they have their asses trained. Can you feel it, girl? The increasing pressure in the fat butt, every second of it reminding you that your body is being modified to better accommodate cocks. You will be grateful for this.”

The man had slowed again as he talked, but this time it was Mollie that was speeding up, pushing her ass back and forth as much as her position allowed. The more she went the more he slowed down, until the business man was completely still and the chubby girl’s moans were turning from pleasure to frustration as she was grinding against him.

“No,” he said, suddenly stopping. Despite her protests, the old man pulled away. “On your knees, slut.”

It was clear that she didn’t want to, but she did it anyways.

“Good girl. Open your mouth.”

It only took him 30 seconds of Mollie's plump lips around his shaft until the man groaned and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her deeper in as he emptied a load down her throat. She swallowed it all.

The man zipped his pants and returned to his documents.

“Get out of here, slut, we’re done for today. Mr. Jakob will be back tomorrow, so you can come back then. And make sure that thing is still in your ass, or he’ll be angry.”

“Okay…” she mumbled, pulling her panties back up and making a few wobbly steps towards the door.

Jake was still assimilating what had happened as he followed Mollie’s unsteady path from her boss’s office down to her regular floor. She was a mess in more ways than one, from her odd walk and jumbled hair to her vacant yet lustful expression.

When she reached the ground floor, Mollie took a right turn and disappeared into one of the office bathrooms. Jake got up and began pacing the room. He was not sure what to make of this situation. As the minutes passed, he did not see his girlfriend come out of the bathroom. As there were no cameras inside, he could not check what she was doing. Was she fixing her hair or trying to get herself off? All the built up frustration… he was starting to regret being so cruel to her last night. Perhaps if he had fucked her properly she wouldn’t have given in to the creepy old man. Jake felt he had some of the blame to bear.

After half an hour, his phone buzzed with a text message. It was from Mollie:

“I don’t know what to do. I had to go to the bathroom and take it out, but now I can’t put it back in. What do I do?!”

He held the phone with a blank stare. She couldn’t come home and get it sorted, that toy was huge and there was no way she could leave the bathroom carrying it. She had to either leave it behind and give up, or find a way to get it back inside her.

Jake considered his options. The first one would make her boss angry and make all of her efforts for nothing. And the second option… for the second option Mollie would probably need some help.