The Promotion

Chapter 5 - Tipping point

He took a minute to carefully consider the situation, then moved into action. Letting things end now was out of the question. There was also the need to take control of the situation, after all that he’d seen. Mollie had allowed herself quite the indulgence. But in that case…

Jake was still busy, when his phone vibrated again.

Are you there?! I need help!

It would have to do. He waited another 20 seconds and pressed the call button. She picked up instantaneously.

“Hey Mollie, what’s going on?”

“Jake! I don’t know what to do, I’m stuck in this bathroom stall at work and I can’t put it back in! And this thing is too darn big, I can’t take it with me, everyone will see! Jake, what do I do? Should I give up?” she blurted everything in one go.

“Slow down, Mollie. Take a deep breath. Are you with me?”

“I think so.” Her voice sounded calmer.

“Can you turn on your camera?”

“My camera?”

“Yes, to see you. Please turn it on.”

After a few moments the screen showed Mollie’s flustered face. She was a little red and lightly panting, though Jake couldn’t tell if it was from the panic or from the exertion of trying to push the extra large toy back inside.

“Hey, Molly,” he said in an innocent voice, trying to push out of his mind the image of his chubby girlfriend bent and moaning over her boss’ desk.

“Hey, Jake,” she replied, calmer.

“So you’re thinking of giving up, huh?”

“I just can’t get this thing inside me…” She seemed genuinely distressed. Jake wondered if she still cared about that promotion at all, or if this had already become some altogether different need. He decided to push a button. “Your boss won’t like that, you know.”

“I know! That’s why I called you for help!” She seemed genuine enough.

“Okay, let’s think together,” he replied calmly. “Where’s the plug right now?”

“Underneath me, I’ve lowered the toilet seat and put it on top.” She blushed deeper on the screen.

“Good thinking. Did you manage to get some of it inside?”

“Just the tip… but without any lube it’s so hard, it’s rough and it hurts!”

“Okay, we’ll think of something, just relax.” He paused for a moment. “Have you tried to get yourself aroused? It will loosen you up.”

“How do you know that?” her eyes widened.

“Common knowledge, porn,” he shrugged. “So why don’t you start by securing the phone on the side, so I can see you. On top of the sink should be good.”

The view zoomed out from her face, until Jake could eventually see her entire frame. Mollie was half standing half sitting on top of the lid of the toilet seat, the toy propped beneath her. She had to maintain a balancing act to avoid collapsing on top of it, and the exertion was taking a toll.

“This won’t do, you’ll need a better position. Get it out for now.”

With a slightly puzzled expression she complied.

“Alright, now take off your panties. You’ll need some freedom of movement. You can leave them by the sink.”

“Jake, what are you-”

“Just do it, Mollie,” he cut her off.

She slid her panties down.

“Now spread your legs towards the door,” he commanded.

“Jake, what the hell!”

“Shut up, Mollie. I know you, so let’s cut the bullshit.” He spat the words, a wave of energy boiling inside him. After all that she’d done… if Mollie was a slut, at least he was going to make sure she was his slut. “I know what turns you on. And if you want to get that thing back up your plump ass, you will do as I say. Now spread your legs.”

He could see her expression change from surprise to defiance to consideration and finally into obedience. There was a lusty look on her face that Jake hadn't seen often. Mollie spread her legs towards the door, though she was still facing the phone, facing Jake.

“What do I do now?”

“Start touching yourself. Think about what a dirty girl you are.”

Her hand was down but she was still looking at Jake for instructions.

“I’m not sure what to-”

“Oh, come on, Molly. Your panties are down, your legs are spread and your little pussy is facing the door. Are you going to pretend not to be thinking about it? Do you think I’ve never seen your porn history? Oh, I know. I know what a little slut you are inside your head, the fantasies you crave. Right now you’re imagining one of your co-workers barging in, finding you like that, having his way with you. Why, it may even be a group of co-workers, stumbling upon your horny ass in the bathroom. You’d struggle just enough to save face, but within minutes you’d be eagerly taking a dick in one hole or another.”

Her hand was moving quicker now, plunging in and out of her folds. Mollie leaned backwards on the seat, with her pelvis arching upwards towards the door. If somebody were to walk in right now he would get a clear view of just what a little whore she was.

“Go on Mollie, I want you to think about it, to imagine it as if it’s about to happen right now…”

There was a sudden knock on the door of the cabin. Mollie froze in an instant, her fingers still inside her pussy.

“Open up, Mollie,” came a male voice from the other side.

She turned her head from the door towards Jake, her face a battlefield of lust and confusion. She was like a fawn in the headlights, petrified and unsure. This was the moment. Jake’s heart was racing, but his voice was calm and commanding:

“Open the door, Mollie.”

He saw her hand rise up and slowly pull the latch. The door opened inwards, blocking the camera for a moment, before swinging shut back again. A male figure was now standing in front of his girlfriend.

“Well, well, if I knew you had such exciting breaks I would have joined you earlier, Mollie.”

“Mark, what are you doing-”

“Oh, cut the crap, darling. We both know exactly why I’m here.”

He unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, pulling out his half erect cock. It hung right in front of Mollie’s face.

“Go on now, don’t be shy. Just moments ago you were fantasizing about this. Do you think I couldn’t hear your little conversation? You moaned so loud half the building was wondering what was going on. So don’t play coy and open that slutty mouth.”

Jake was completely fixated on the screen. Maybe last week he would have flinched, turned away, but now he just pulled out his own cock and started stroking as his slut of a girlfriend wrapped her plump lips around Mark’s cock and started sucking. It wasn’t long before she got over the initial surprise and her hand resumed its rhythmic motions under her skirt, rubbing her bare pussy as she worked.

Mark did not hesitate to fondle her breasts and grab her hair, guiding her in a pace that suited him best. When he was rock solid, he forced her to stop.

“Turn around and raise your ass, slut.”

Jake had been right in his previous assessment - she was all too eager to comply. Within seconds her head was down, her ass was up, and she was holding her cheeks spread with both hands for easy access to her dripping pussy.

Mark began stroking vigorously, the tip of his cock pointed towards her.

“Do me already…” squealed the chubby girl with impatient frustration. All that she’d gone through was really building up, heightening her needs. Jake had been cruel enough to deny her last night, after days of frustration, and this morning Mollie had been fucked silly but still denied satisfaction.

Seeing her ready pussym Mark exploded in booming laughter. “Did the hormones completely fry your slutty brain? Perhaps I’ll do you another time, since you offer your hole so graciously, but now there is another matter to take care of, you little whore.”

He escalated his speed in a final sprint, before splurting his cum right onto her asshole.

“Alright then, let’s get to work. Hold still!”

He picked up the toy from the side and pushed the tip against her entrance. The viscous cum served as lubrication and it slipped in easily this time, quickly followed by the second. The third stole a moan of satisfaction and the forth one repeated it even louder. Jake thought that if there were any other colleagues in the bathroom, Mollie’s fantasies might just become a reality.

All that remained was the fifth, thickest part of the toy. The chubby girl’s cum-lubricated butthole had been well stretched from the past few days, but even so going in wasn’t a breeze. Mark had to push the toy carefully back and forth for a good minute, until finally Mollie’s sphincter gave way and greedily swallowed the thick base back into place.

“There, that should do it. Unless you want something more?”

His cock had grown half erect again, and Jake couldn’t blame him. The sight of stuffing that enormous toy in his girlfriend’s ass would make any man hard as a rock. And Mollie was in a state of such deep sexual frustration, she was ready and willing to do just about anything…

Mark rubbed the tip between the folds of her entrance, stealing a few more begging squeals. “I’ll be seeing you around, eh?” He gave her a final smack on the ass, teasing her wet hole for a second more, then zipped his pants back up again and left.

“It seems that the toy is back inside you,” Jake commented from the phone. “I’ll let you clean up now. We’ll talk tonight at home.”

Without waiting for a reply from her, he cut off the video call. It was better this way.

When she came home after work, he could tell that she was still hot and bothered, though there was also a shadow of gloomy seriousness on her face. She approached him with uncertain, almost fearful steps.

“Listen Jake, about what happened today-”

He hushed her with a finger on her lips. They were soft and warm. The same lips that had just sucked two cocks earlier today. Did that really bother him? It was a crucial moment. Mollie had no idea about the extent of his knowledge. What he said now would be defining for the turn of events. He took a deep breath, evaluating his options….