Summoner's Corruption

Chapter 4 - Interrogations

“I’ll cave your face in, you bloody bastard!” growled Vi in the face of the caped summoner, who kept a calm, stone-faced expression. “Do you think this is some kind of a joke?! You’ll regret this, I swear! As soon as I’m out, I’ll have your arses in prison until you forget yo mama's face!”

There was a silence as he observed her, making sure that the outburst had ran its course. Vi was sitting in the cell, her hands chained to the wall, her face red with anger. In front of her, sitting on a small chair a few feet away, the summoner was writing down her answers in a small notebook.

“We saw you two meeting and talking in the dead of night, and we have confirmed the identity of your accomplice. Just tell us what she wants and how you got into contact. If you cooperate, this will go a lot smoother for you.”

“I told you, I don’t bloody know her! She asked me for help then talked about some stuff that didn’t make any sense, then you guys started shooting. I’m innocent, this is a set-up!”

Caitlyn, observing the scene through a glass panel that was invisible from the inside, turned away, not bearing to see her partner like this. She was going to get to the bottom of this, one way or another.

After a while, the Ionian man got out of the cell, gesturing that she could come in. Entering was harder than she had imagined, but she forced herself to. Vi was her friend.

“You too are in bed with this fucker?!” Vi’s face contorted with anger, bits of spit spraying as she spoke. “I thought better of you, we were partners! Turns out as soon as things get messy you curl your tail and bow to the Institute!”

“Vi, I’m sorry, I want to believe you…” she trailed.

“Want to? If you were my friend you’d just believe me!”

“I can’t ignore all the evidence!” she shouted. “Maybe you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, but I can’t deny that you look guilty and the Institute has to conduct a full investigation. There are procedures, you can’t just ignore them for friends! It’s the law!” she felt the sadness and desperation seep in her voice, but she didn’t care. That reckless hothead had to learn that if you didn’t bother doing things the right way, you were no better than a common criminal.

“Fuck you and your evidence!”

They locked gazes. After a long moment Caitlyn rose up and left. As the door closed shut, a part of her heart broke.

* * *

She’s ready to cooperate, but wants to talk to you specifically. The words rang in her mind as she boarded the ship and made her way to the tiny cell below deck. Her heart was pounding, anxiety mixing with cold anticipation. She was not ready for this.

For the last week Caitlyn had been tracking every criminal meeting, every rumour and every black market in Piltover and Zaun, but found no trace of the spider woman. It was as if she had vanished from the face of Runeterra, buried somewhere underground where no one could find her. What was even more disheartening was that no informant, none of the usual rats and fences were able to give her any clues about where Elise had gone or why she had come here in the first place. No matter how many strings she pulled and how many favors she called in, there were no results. For the first time in many years, the sheriff of Piltover felt totally helpless.

Vi was sitting on a chair, dressed in simple prisoner’s clothes, her hands resting loosely on the table. There weren’t any shackles or chains, which was surprising. She must have been really cooperative for them to trust her this much. Vi looked at Caitlyn with a strange, almost vacant expression, her skin shining with beads of sweat despite the cool air. There was something odd about her, the way she carried herself, the way her body twitched uncomfortably, swaying gently left and right like a tree in the wind. It was an unsettling sight.

“Vi…. are you alright?” the words barely escaped her dry lips.

“I-I’m sorry, Cait. I tried- I have to- I have to tell the truth. Whatever happens I have to tell you the truth.”

Her expression wasn’t vacant anymore, there was fire in it, fire and something deep and wild that made Caitlyn shiver.

“Whatever it is you’ve done, I’m sure you had good reasons. We can sort it out! Tell us what happened, help track Elise down… the Institute can turn a blind eye…”

“Caitlyn… I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…” Vi shook her head slowly, as if in a trance, her body still occasionally twitching. Her ragged clothes had holes and Cait could see glimpses of her naked body underneath.

Slowly, Vi rose up from the chair, leaning forward, and got onto the table, on it on all fours like some wild animal.

“I’m so sorry… I have been lying to you, all this time…”

Cait felt pity for her friend, she wanted to react, to say something, to comfort her, but the sight of her crawling on the table towards her was too much and it kept her paralyzed and transfixed as her friend drew nearer.

“I have been lying to you, to myself, to both of us…”

Vi’s body twitched again, her hips swaying and moving in a weirdly sexual way, part of Caitlyn’s mind observed. In fact, there was something deeply erotic about Vi crawling towards her, her top now hanging freely and revealing a clear view of her breasts just in front of Cait’s line of sight… she tried to suppress the thought.

“I’m sorry, Cait, I have to, I have to…” whispered Vi, her glistening with moisture. Her body tensed and shivered, twitching more and more intensely, then abruptly stopped as she made the final steps, now right in front of her, and rose her head to look her in the eyes.

“Cait, I love you.”

She leaned in and kissed her violently, arms wrapping around her neck and tongue invading her mouth. At the same time, though the sheriff could not see this, she felt as Vi’s body shook uncontrollably, her hips parting and contracting, over and over again.

“Vi, what in the hell has gotten into you?!” she pushed her away, shaking her by the shoulders. Her friend didn’t react, instead shaking even more, her hips grinding against Cait’s uniform.

“I did it! I finally did it, I told the truth!!! Pleasepleasepleaseplease…!”

There was a tangible electric shock through Vi’s body that passed in waves, tingling Cait’s fingertips as she held her. Her friend convulsed, eyes rolling up and her nails digging in the policewoman’s back as lewd moans escaped her lips. Finally, she calmed down, a blissful air setting on her face, her skin glistening with sweat.

“What in the world...” she whispered, dumbstruck.

After a moment, Vi seemed to regain her senses and looked back at her.

“I can finally see it. After all this fucking time… the truth…. I have to share it with you.”

“Vi, what the hell is going on ?!”

“You’ll understand soon enough, my love.” She kissed her again, passionately, hands tearing at Cait’s clothes and sending her uniform’s buttons flying as Vi jerked it open.

“Wait, stop…”

It was no use. Caitlyn tried to push Vi away but it was increasingly turning into a physical struggle and the seasoned bruiser was a lot stronger than her when it came to brute force and muscles. She pushed her down and they rolled together on the floor, until eventually Cait found herself pinned down, her friend crawling on top of her and pressing her wrists down. It was a losing battle, but the sheriff struggled anyway.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” she cried, but Vi only looked down on her with a blissful face.

The door behind them opened and the Summoner walked into the room, followed by Fiora. Caitlyn felt instant relief, her face relaxing.

“Help me, she’s going crazy!”

The duelist approached quickly, bending towards her… and gently caressing her hair. A cold shiver of apprehension ran down her spine. She wanted to scream, to curse, to fight, but a cloth was placed over her mouth and after a few inhalation the world became warm and fuzzy and dark. The last thing she remembered was looking up, the summoner’s sly smile looking down towards her…

1 week earlier

“I’m innocent!! untie me, you bastards!” she screamed, shaking the chair with her entire body weight. It was a humiliating position, her hands tied behind the back of the chair, as well as her ankles, each attached to a different chair leg, keeping her legs vulgarly spread. Vi swore she was going to cave in some faces once she got out of this.

There was no one besides her in the cell, but she was sure in her guts that they were able to hear her. The ship wasn’t that big and they’d never leave her unsupervised. Vi shouted again.

The door of the cell opened and a woman entered the room, though she could only tell it was a woman from the faint breast outline under her tunic. The face of the figure was covered with a white porcelain mask and much of her body was wrapped under layers of cloth. Regardless of the cumbersome clothing, the newcomer slid graciously towards her.

“Well well well, if we don’t have ourselves a little rebel on our hands...” she stranger mused, brushing a hand through her short pink hair. The touch was somehow cold and sinister, but Vi tried to keep her composure.

“If you think this is funny, wait till I give you an ass-whooping, sister!”

The woman seemed to disregard her comment, slowly circling around her in a predatory manner.

“I see that you have quite the body, young fighter - strong, muscular, durable. I’m thinking that we should start by digging up the more…. “feminine” side of you.” the hands were sliding along her shoulders and back, sending shivers running down her spine.

“I’ll give you all sides of me, starting with my fist!”

“Now, now…”

Vi felt a warm breath on the back of her head as the woman, now behind her, had probably taken her mask off and was leaning to whisper in her ear. The tied girl tried twisting around to see the face of the interrogator, but her bounds were too tight.

“I wouldn’t move if I were you” whispered the voice, moments before cold lips touched the side of her neck…. and warm, happy feeling shot in her bloodstream.

“What the fuck?!” she struggled again, violently shaking the chair and her bounds, but it was too late. The warmth was already spreading and she could feel her muscles relaxing, her mind growing hazier, and her desire to fight slowly fading away...

“Piltover is such a large, industrious city. It’s always bustling with life and excitement, and many entertainments for the weary traveller.” - the voice whispered behind her - “It would be a shame to pass on the opportunity, don’t you agree? We can invite you, if you promise to behave…” The fingers were running through her hair again, but this time Vi didn’t mind so much. It was somehow a nice thing, this woman’s fingers in her hair, the nails gently scratching the surface of her skin…

“Time to go now, love” came a whisper in her ear and something came over her head, turning the world black.

When they had finished carrying her and the cover came off her eyes, Vi found herself on a large bed, though her head was a little hazy and she didn’t quite remember being put there. She was lying on her stomach, her hands stretched forward with both of her wrists caught in a pair of wooden stocks. Both of legs were bent underneath her and spread at a considerable angle, such that her knees were to the sides of her stomach, pushing her hips and ass up in the air. When she tries to move them, she noticed that her ankles were caught in metal shackles locked to a bar, that prevented her from either closing or extending her legs.

The touch of the cold metal on her warm skin was not entirely unpleasant, and a part of Vi’s mind alerted her that this was not normal. Then her attention shifted to what was happening in front of her.

There was the Ionian man, sitting on a large chair, with two exotic and scantily clothed girls tending to him with fruits and wine. Their dark, chocolate skin carried the look of the Shurima desert, though their full, naked breasts had none of the desert dryness.

“Is that your idea of a joke?!” Vi shouted, though none of the trio seemed to react.

“They can’t hear or see us” whispered the familiar voice behind her. “This part of the room is under an illusion of Stealth…. though we will be able to hear and see everything.”

The man waved a hand an the girls gently dropped what they were carrying on the table and locked into a slow, passionate kiss, their lips dancing with each other while a few drops of saliva drooled down onto their breasts and were smeared between them as the two girls rubbed their nipples onto one another. Vi’s gaze was locked onto their slender bodies covered only by the golden nets and laces that highlighted instead of concealing their accessible spots.

Forgetting for a moment her own predicament, the tied fighter watched mesmerised as one girl began lowering herself, her kisses sliding from the lips to the chin, neck and breasts of her partner, then down to her belly, thighs and neatly-trimmed pussy, that the docile servant knelt in front and gently took in her mouth, generously offering her services. The more she watched the more her own body grew hot, a ball of fire blazing in her lower parts as she bit her lip at the view.

“Like what you’re seeing?” came the sweet voice from behind, as a fingertip tenderly circled around her exposed flower.

“Who do you take me for, you perv-” she began, but her breath was cut short by the finger slipping inwards from its trajectory. Her pussy twitched as the outer folds were pushed apart. It didn’t help that in front of her events were continuing to unfold. The summoner had walked up to them and was kissing the first girl, while the second, still down on her knees, was being slowly probed by his fingers while she licked her mistress.

“There’s no need to pretend, you know, I can tell these kinds of things.” said the woman behind her, progressively picking up the pace and plunging deeper inside her. Vi found herself at a loss for words, the scathing swears that she would have normally barked being bottled by a raising heat and moans that she desperately tried to suppress.

The finger retracted, only to be replaced by a tongue, which felt so good, oh so unimaginably good and right, and it was impossible not to look while in front of her the dominant girl pinned the other to the floor with unexpected violence, like a wild animal pouncing on her prey and assaulting all of her holes by any means imaginable. She had to watch, she had no choice but to watch, and moan, and slowly begin to shake her own hips in response to the view and the dexterous tongue, and the uncontrollable fire inside her.

The flame grew and grew, from a small ball in her belly to a larger and larger sphere, until an impossible firestorm had overtaken her whole body, growing to its eventual climax.

“Oh fuck fuck FUCK!!!” she screamed as the crescendo rose towards its peak. Then, all of a sudden, bare moments before she could reach heaven, the tongue withdrew, leaving her pussy dripping and wanting. “Nooooo!” she squirmed with frustration.

“You’re forgetting yourself, girl. You need to be good to receive presents. And you haven’t been good at all. In fact, you have been a very bad, uncooperative girl. And this is what you get.”

Something pushed against her wet folds and started sliding inside her, expanding her pussy to make place for the 10 inch long and 3 inch wide cylinder. When it was shoved as far as it could go, there were a number of belts and chains wrapping around her waist and thighs, locks clicking into place, and then the feeling of of a tight constriction.

She shook her hips violently, hoping beyond hope to reach her peak, but the moment was gone. It kept her full, stretched and wet, bringing her arousal towards but never over the edge.

If she was going to say something, Vi didn’t make it in time, as a cloth was thrust in her mouth and tied around her head, subduing her into silence.

“I think you’ve had enough fun for the day.” mused the voice sadistically. “But you can watch. It will probably make matters worse for you, but I doubt you can help yourself”.

She struggled again, but her bounds were too tight. She couldn’t move or turn her head and her will wasn’t strong enough to force her eyes shut. The girls in the room carried on for hours while she sat in the corner, invisible and muted, shaking her hips in frustration as the device inside her silently worked its magic.

Her mind was a haze, but she knew that she had slept, had woken up, a little more sober, had eaten, drank water and went to sleep again. Her exhausted body and mind had eventually let her arousal dwindle to levels of sanity, though her dreams were still infested with lust and kisses and her hips still twitched occasionally, clenching to the device inside.

When she was finally awake, part of her resolve had returned, but it was a pale shadow in comparison to her usual boastful self. Being forced to wear something like that was humiliating on many levels, not least of which was the fact that part of her seemed to like it.

Vi was forced out of her thoughts when the door opened and the masked woman entered her cell again.

“Did you sleep well, darling?” asked the sweet voice.

She turned her head down and didn’t answer.

“It doesn’t have to be like this. If you tell us the truth, we’ll make it stop. It’s that easy, really.”

“I’ve already told you… I’m innocent…” she mumbled.

“Are you really? We’ll have to see about that. But first, come with me.”

She stood up, the movements stirring the device inside her and made her blush. She went to the woman, which grabbed one of her chains and let her out and along the corridors through the ship, until they arrived to another room. Vi awkwardly stepped in, meeting the gaze of the Ionian man who was already waiting inside.

“I hope you enjoyed the show yesterday.” he stated with a sly smile.

Her face blushed deeper. So he knew. It was hardly surprising, but still, being faced with him now…

“You are here because you haven’t told us the truth. Tell the truth and we’ll let you go.”

“I’ve told you already, I didn’t do anything!” she wailed.

“I’m sorry, but that’s not the truth. Take her up!”.

The woman shoved her forward and her chained hands were lifted into the air, where something clicked and she felt a sudden upwards thrust. Before she could adjust to the new position, there was another click behind her and then her ankles were pulled up as well, suspending her several feet high into the air, her body forced into an unpleasant arch that left her tits hanging free while her limbs twisted backwards.

“Argh, let me go!!” she shouted, struggling helplessly.

“Oh, we’ll let you go my dear. As soon as you tell us the truth.” The woman came forward and, inserting a hand in her cleavage, tore her tunic in two, exposing her full breasts into view.

“I see that you’re enjoying this more than you care to admit” she laughed, tracing a nail around her erect nipples. “Perhaps this will be easier than we thought.”

Vi felt the device inside her wake up as a low vibration emanated from it. Her hips twisted and turned but it was of course safely secured and shoved to the brim, leaving her no way to get rid of it. Her breath started coming in short as the vibrations accelerated and soon she found herself struggling to stifle the quiet moans that rose through her throat.

“And now, for the main event…”

The door opened and Vi gasped as she saw Caitlyn come into the room. Except it wasn’t really Caitlyn. Vi blinked a few times, trying to clear the fog from her head. It was the same purple outfit with corset and skirt, the gloves and boots were the same… but the face was definitely different, and there were other small differences as well. The girl wasn’t quite the same height, and her breasts were definitely somewhat bigger than her partner’s…

The impostor girl giggled and blew her a kiss, before being led by the hand to a bed in the corner of the room where the summoner placed her on all fours. As if to account for this shift in attention, the chains suspending her slowly rotated, turning her towards the action.

I don’t know this girl, this isn’t Caitlyn! she told herself over and over again, but her heart still started racing for some reason when she saw her lower down her panties and offer a view of her inviting ass.

“She’s quite the pretty thing, isn’t she?” pondered the masked figure from a place behind that Vi couldn’t see.

When the Ionian man penetrated the girl, the device inside Vi accelerated yet again, sending her hips into a humiliating twitch as they involuntarily clenched around the object that inflicted her with so much pleasure.

“Why?! Why are you doing this?!” she screamed.

“Because you’re a liar. A big, terrible liar.” A hand grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up, forcing her to watch “Caitlyn” being fucked. Vi felt some unknown anger bubble inside her, mixing with the lust into a dangerous concoction.

Something pinched her nipple and she shuddered, but woman was still forcing her head up. Then there was a second pinch on the other one, followed by a low, tingling sensation.

“What in the worl-”

A shock ran through her, making both of her erect nipples painfully sensitive.

“Aargh!” she convulsed, before being subjected to a second, even more powerful one. At the same time the pace of the device inside her switched again, this time into a more irregular one that progressively increased before abruptly stopping, then, after a moment, starting all over again.

“Watch as your pretty is enjoying a big man cock. I wonder, how do you feel about that?”


“I think I’ll just leave you to think about that, okay? Do tell us when you’ve made up your mind.”

The haze clouded her head again and the minutes passed slowly, punctuated by the irregular shocks applied to her body and the occasional shifts in vibration from the device inside her. She tried to endure, to resist, to withstand as much as she could, but eventually her tired body gave in and shook in pleasure along with them.

It was unfair to make her watch, and Vi didn’t know for what cruel reason they had decided to do it. Ultimately, despite the outfit, the girl was nothing like Caitlyn, she was nothing like her Caitlyn…

The tempo picked up again and the fire in her body rose to a peak. Vi shook violently, dangling from the chains, as her muscles contracted and her pusse tightened around the metal rod inside her.

“Please, please….” she groaned.

She was so close. She could feel herself approaching the edge, she just need a little extra push…

“Don’t think we’d let you have your reward just yet. First, you need to tell us the truth.”

The woman was there again and she did something that made the device’s vibrations lower down to a frustrating hum.

“Noooo, please….”

“Nah-huh, darling.”

“What more do you want from me…. I’ve told you… I’ve told you everything… I don’t know anything else…” she trailed, sobbing. Her body was ready to burst and the denial was worse than any pain.

The Ionian man and the girl seemed to be done now, having given Vi the frustrating sight of her wiggling butt while the man filled her with his seed. After a few minutes of rest both of them left, completely ignoring her existence along the way. Vi was left alone with the masked woman.

“I think you need some more time for proper reflection.” she said, pulling the chains to raise her higher into the air. The figure moved to the door, paused for a moment to give her one last thoughtful look, and left the room.

The hextech lanterns dimmed and the room fell into obscurity. Slowly, the vibrations and the shocks increased, pushing her closer towards the edge, before diminishing again.

In the darkness, Vi screamed and moaned.