“Come on, just one more shop, I still haven’t found what I’m looking for!”, Alicia exclaimed, dragging Alfred through the mall. They had been at it already for a couple of hours and Alfred’s feet were beginning to tire from pacing around in circles or leaning in a wall in the crowded stores while his girlfriend was marathon-shopping.

“Sooo, how do I look?”

He peered up from the floor, mustering the courage to hide his exhaustion. She looked beautiful, of course. Alicia was short and pretty, one of those small, energetic Asian girls with round faces and short hair that were always up on the go, be it walking, shopping, meeting with friends or visiting the latest art exhibition in town. Alfred tried to focus on the matter at hand. She was currently wearing a miniskirt, pink and purple, which fanned out as she span in a circle in front of him, offering him a glimpse of her pink underwear. He frowned.

“What, not good enough?”, she asked with a mischievous smile.

“No! You’re very beautiful!”


“It’s just that… Alicia, are you sure you want to wear that ;in public? Aren’t you afraid someone will peep or even take a picture with their cellphone?”

“Well, let them!” She giggled. “In any case, I like it, so we’re taking it!”

Without room for objection, Alfred sighed and added it to the pile in the basket while mentally preparing his wallet.

It had been a long day. After exiting the store they continued browsing for another half an hour, occasionally adding skirts and shirts to the pile, until finally Alicia was happy so they headed back to the car, Alfred carrying the bags, his girlfriend skipping around, offering a few final glimpses at the pretty mannequins, until finally, another painful fifteen minutes later, they were on their way home.

Once there they ate and they showered and Alfred was just getting comfortable in front of the TV, when Alicia got a call from her friends, offering a night out at the Cuban. Deciding on a whim that she wanted to go, she hung up the phone and told her boyfriend to get ready for a night out.

Two hours later they were sitting at a table in the back of the Cuban, surrounded by a dozen common friends and chatting about the latest gossip from work. Alicia had decided to wear her new miniskirt and high heels, drawing the jealous glances of her girlfriends, her attire completed with a thin tank top outlining her figure. She was feeling happy and relaxed, a perfect ending to an enjoyable day. She took a look at Alfred, who seemed to be having fun as well, drinking beer with some of the guys and talking about video games.

As the evening progressed however the incessant chattering of the girls around her started to become a little tedious and Alicia found herself making more and more frequent trips to the bar, the warm dizziness of the alcohol numbing her mind and helping her agree for the eleventh time with Casei that yes, her boss was a huge prick, and yes, Casei should definitely look for a new job.

Her salvation came right when she needed it, manifesting itself as her best friend John who had just come out of a later Saturday shift and, having greeted the company, sat himself at the bar which was far less crowded than their table. John was two years older than her, tall and with an imposing physique, a man that filled the doorframe when he walked into a room and whose word was seldom questioned. Despite his intimidating appearance, John had somewhat of an easy-going attitude, was open-minded towards many things and always had something interesting to tell. These were the qualities that had won her over and, despite not meeting very often, kept their friendship tight throughout the years - after all, Alicia had a pretty average life and whenever John popped up he always felt like a breath of fresh air.

She waited a few minutes then excused herself, walking over to join him at the bar.

“So, how have you been?” she ventured.

“Heey, Alicia!” he groaned in a deep voice. “Been good, been good. Got a new job, not complaining. You?”

“Oh, you know, this and that, nothing too exciting really.”

There was silence for a few minutes as he drank his whiskey, looking somewhere past her. She sat patiently, sipping her cocktail, waiting for him to continue the conversation. Suddenly his phone buzzed on the counter, the screen flashing with a message from an unknown number. He picked it up, glanced at the text, grinned then put it back down without replying.

“What was that about?” she inquired after a long pause, her female curiosity eventually getting the better of her.

“Just a girl I met the other week, she wants to meet again…”

“Oh, that’s great!” Noticing his lack of enthusiasm, she added “Isn’t it?”

“Naah, bitches just want the big D, you know? Ain’t bothering with that one no more though.”

“John!!”, she gasped, “that’s a rather rude way of putting it.”

He brushed a hand. “It’s true though, isn’t it? We go out, everything’s textbook, you know? I have to fight for her attention, buy flowers and shit, take her to the cinema… then we get in bed and she sees I have a big dick, one of the really long and thick ones, and she’s never had one before, and once she gets that big bad boy in her pussy and feels the difference and suddenly she’s the one texting and asking to meet up and stuff. And then she gets clingy”. He made a grimace.

“Come on John, that can’t be the only…” she began, trying to hide her sudden embarrassment as her vivid imagination was detailing the scene in her head.

“Not the only reason?” He chuckled, then turned towards her, pinning her with his gaze. “Alicia, have you ever had a big one?”

She shook her head.

“Not even a toy?”

She shook again.

“That’s a real shame, Al, a girl like you - look at you! - you’re so small and thin, a big one will stretch you and fill you up like you’ve never dreamt up before. You should take advantage of what you have, many girls would dream to be in your position, you know.”

She held to the bar, trying to contain her reaction. His words were sudden but somehow did not surprise her. He had always been very frank. She tried to breathe calmly but failed. The alcohol was taking its toll and, along with her wild phantasms flashing in her mind, she was acutely aware of ;the blood rushing to her face and the warmth spreading through her body.

“Perhaps”, he leaned in closer, his lips brushing past her cheek and his words now mere whispers in her ear, “perhaps you’d like to experience that after all? Just picture it, Alicia, I’m practically twice your size! I could almost tear you in half, pound you like a little rag doll and fill every inch of your space. How would you like that?”

She shuddered, goosebumps running down her spine, her blush turning into a deep red. She could feel his closeness, his imposing presence inches away, looming over her. A drop of sweat rolled down her neck as she felt the temperature rising.

“I-I don’t-t t-think….” she started stuttering, trying to desperately come up with some excuse.

“You don’t think?” Still leaning close, his hand darted down, sliding between her legs and under her miniskirt, his big fingers rubbing against her slit.

“~Ah!” she moaned, taken by surprise.

“Just what I thought. I’ve known you for a loooong time, Alicia, I know what kind of girl you are.” His grave voice seemed to penetrate her mind and body, the deep vibrations resonating somewhere in her stomach. He continued rubbing her up and down, the growing moisture allowing his fingers to penetrate further as her gentle labia wrapped around them.

“I have a boyfriend!” she finally managed, grasping at the last available straw. She placed her hand on his chest to push him away but didn’t find the force to do so.

“So? I don’t demand exclusivity” he sniggered. “You can have two guys at once, and you won’t even be cheating.” His fingers persisted, stealing a few more moans. She tried to push him again, her weak arm having no effect on his massive torso, but instead only feeling the fibers and muscles under his skin. She felt him tense up, draw a deep breath and then relax, finally retracting his hand from her folds, allowing her to regain composure and slick down her skirt.

“So, what do you say?”

She paused for a moment trying to fight temptation, then looked him in the eyes and nodded, defeated. John smiled.

“Now go and tell him”, he commanded, sending her in Alfred’s direction with a slap on the ass.

She approached Alfred casually, slipping beside him while he kept talking to the guys and wrapping her arms around his waist. He turned towards her, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Well you look wasted darling”

“I’m good, I’m good, just a cocktail or two, that’s all. Say, Alfred…” She pulled at his shirt, jerking him to the side and collapsing his weight on top of her. He let her do it, taking advantage of their concealed position in the back. “Say, Alfred, I’ve always had this desire…” she pulled him even closer, her hot breath on his face, her hand rubbing his chest.

“Yes, darling?”

“I’ve always had this desire…”, her voice fell into whispers, “to have two guys at once. Haven’t I told you?” she added with her most innocent voice.

“What?! No! You’ve never mentioned anything like that! Alicia, how much have you had to drink exactly??”

She frowned at him. ;“Stop making a fuss, Alfred. I remember what you’ve told me.” Her tone turned to accusation “ Every guy wants to have a go at two girls at once and his girlfriend is supposed to help him score, but once it’s the girl wanting something, it’s suddenly the end of the world, huh? Man up!” Her voice had gradually grown in power and she screamed the last part, punching him in the ribs.

Alfred stood silent for a moment, his friends having sensed the couple’s tension and retracted to the other end of the table. It was true that he had told Alicia about his fantasies and she had replied that maybe, maybe, someday she’d be up for it. ;He had never expected her to be the first one to call for a threesome.

“Okay, fine. You’re right, it’s only fair…”

“Great!” she exclaimed, jumping to her feet. “I’ll go tell John then, you finish your drink, we’re leaving!” With that she grabbed one of her friend’s drinks sitting on the table, gulped it down in one go, spun around drunkenly and headed to the bar. Still foolstruck with the unexpected turn of events, all Alfred could do was mumble a few goodbyes, finish his beer and ask for the bill.

It was a strange walk back home, the awkwardness only partially dulled by the alcohol. They walked side by side, Alicia in the middle, her arms wrapped around Alfred and John’s waists. Alfred felt her balance shift unsteadily as she walked and tried to support her, making sure that his girlfriend doesn’t fall face-first on the concrete. While the other two were chatting he was still fighting to come to terms with the sudden situation he had found himself in. As the minutes passed however he started to relax, to come to term with things, perhaps even to grow a little excited. He had never had any unconventional experiences before, and his curiosity started to overcome his anxiety. Perhaps things would turn out just fine?

They stumbled in the apartment, closing the door with a kick behind them.

“Soooo, nooow whaaat?” asked Alicia giggling, her hands rubbing their chests?

“Now, you kiss him.” said John, turning her towards Alfred. She laughed and complied, giving her boyfriend a passionate kiss. “Good girl. Now you kiss me.” He turned her around and leaned down, grabbing her head from behind and stealing a long kiss. When it was finally over, Alicia was panting, out of breath.

“Good”, he continued. “You like having twice the action, don’t you?

She smiled.

“Alfred, why don’t we take a seat? Those armchairs over there look very comfortable.”

“Sure John, make yourself at home.” They sat down on the two leather armchairs in front of the TV.

“So, where shall i sit?” asked lustily Alicia, eyeing their laps.

“You, sweetheart, you sit on the floor.” John pointed out to the spot in front of them. If Alicia hesitated at all, it was only for a fraction of a second, before she meekly knelt down in front of the gentlemen. Her boyfriend raised his eyebrows, surprised.

“Do you see, Alfred, the key to giving orders is telling her what she already wants to do. Observe: Alicia, why don’t you undo our belts?” He laid back on the chair while she fumbled with their buckles, first with Alfred’s, then with his. “Good. Now, unzip the pants… Good girl. Now, there’s two of us, you have two hands, perhaps you should get to work…”

Not waiting for him to repeat, the small Asian girl started stroking their cocks with her hands, gently at first, then rougher and rougher as she got into it. There was something deeply exciting for her in following John’s orders, being told what to do, being called a good girl. As she stroked she felt John’s cock slowly stiffen, its length extending ;until it was rigid enough to peek out of his boxers. She gently pulled them down with her fingers, gazing for the first time at his monstrous member, bigger than anything she’d ever seen on a white guy.

His hand grabbed her head and pulled her towards him, her face pressed against his enormous shaft. “Lick it”, came the command and she obeyed, her tongue sticking out of her small half-open mouth. John’s fingers clenched tighter, deep into the roots of her hair, guiding her head up and down, until he finally pulled her all the way to the tip of cock, which she stretched her mouth to accommodate.

From the adjacent armchair, Alfred looked at them, half-excited and half horrified, as his girlfriend’s mouth was being mercilessly used by John as a fuck toy. He had gotten a few blowjobs from his girlfriend before, but he had always had to insist and she had never been half as keen about it.

“You just need to know how to ask, man” told him John, as if reading his thoughts. “Shall we see where this goes?”

While Alicia’s head was bobbing up and down, trying to wrap her lips around a dick that was clearly too thick for her jaw, she was suddenly pulled away from it and she looked at John quizzically, her mouth drooling.

“Turn around”

She did, the sudden movement making her head spin. The room in front of her was empty, but she could see the reflections of the two men behind her in the large TV screen.

“Get on all fours.”

She complied again, her vision replaced with the flat surface of the carpet, her falling hair covering the rest. She was all too aware of the view she was exposing to them through her miniskirt and transparent lingerie. The thought excited her.

“Lift your skirt up… good girl. Now pull down your panties and spread your legs.”

Alicia moved in a trance, her hands obeying seemingly without any input from her brain. Somehow she found herself unable to resist that deep voice that resonated within her, amplifying the mounting heat in her belly with every word. She felt her sex grow wetter and wetter, as if melting from the gazes of the two men behind her. She had never believed herself capable of being in such a position, of exposing herself to be seen, let alone by someone other than her boyfriend. She lifted her eyes up a bit, trying to see in the reflection…

“Bow. Your. Head.” Springing from his chair, John got to her in two large steps, pushing her head down to the floor with his left arm. She didn’t fight back.

“That’s a good slut. Spread your legs wider! Let your boyfriend see you!”

Her arousal escalating, Alicia obeyed, all too aware of the now visible moisture of her sex. She felt burning, yearning, a profound desire she had never felt before. And they could clearly see her. It was humiliating and exalting at the same time.

John grabbed her butcheeks and spread them further, completely exposing her dripping pussy. When his fingers touched her bulb, she started whimpering, her hips rocking back and forth and rubbing against him on their own accord.

“That’s a good little slut!” John kept rubbing her faster and faster, sending shivers through her entire body. “You’ve always wanted this, haven’t you?”


“What was that?” He lifted her head by the hair, pulling her up to his eye level. “Speak up, Alicia!” His right hand stopped rubbing her for a moment and his middle finger plunged inside her with no resistance.

“Y-Yes! I said y-yes!” She was panting now, eagerly pushing her hips back onto him, her entire body visibly shaking.

“Good. I guess it’s time to get serious then.” He let go of her hair, letting her head fall to the ground again, and positioned himself entirely behind her. His pants dropping on the ground, John leaned back, allowing enough distance to place the tip of his cock on her entrance. Even with all the lubrication from her juices it was clear that it was going to be a tight fit His hands grabbed the petite girl around her waist and pulled her towards him, gently at first, penetrating her only a few inches, then pushing her away, ever so slightly, only to draw her back in, a little further this time, the motion repeating and accelerating, getting her further and further down on his cock, her small little hole stretching to unimaginable proportions to accommodate the monstrous member.

Alfred stared stupefied, his brain too stumped by the logistics of what was happening to be able to worry about his girlfriend getting fucked in front of him. He couldn’t help picturing a bear having its way with a gazelle, the whole spectacle both bizarre and arousing.

“Alf, what are you waiting for? Come over here!” John gestured to the space right in front of Alicia.

He trotted over, complacent. Alicia was right before him, standing on all fours in their living room, head down and ass up, getting her brains fucked out and moaning like a cat in heat and yet somehow, inexplicably, he didn’t feel jealous or betrayed. He just felt aroused.

She lifted her head up for a moment - she looked at him without seeing, her eyes blurry, her mouth half-open, sweat dripping down her skin. Not waiting any longer, he;seized her with both hands and shoved his dick in her mouth, holding her tight. She wrapped her lips around him, showing her consent, not so much giving him a blowjob as letting him face-fuck her while she was plundered from behind.

;Jerking her faster and faster, Alfred came in less than a minute, overwhelmed by the rare opportunity. Unlike what she usually did, this time his girlfriend didn’t resist and almost eagerly gulped down his seed.

“Okay, time to turn her around!”

Stealing a whimper of dissatisfaction, John pulled out of Alicia and ;flipped her on her back. He removed her panties, formerly dangling around her knees, and pushed her legs up, holding one with each hand.

He winked at Alfred: “Grab her arms!”

Seizing her small wrists, Alfred thought about how fragile they were, how easily they bent to another’s will as he pinned them down over the girl’s head.

Alicia looked up to him, wondering why he hadn’t done that before. Then she looked down and saw John place his thick cock on the mound between her legs. In its fully erect form it stretched all the way up to her belly button, resting on top of her belly like some oversized dildo.

Not leaving her too much time to marvel at it, John lifted her legs higher, teasing her with a few rubs before going at it again. His penis sliding inside her again, this time Alicia could see the visible bulge of her nether regions as her pussy stretched around the giant thing. John had been right. Her small body was like a rag doll compared to his massive proportions and the feeling was amazing.

Sensing her peeking arousal John accelerated his rhythm, delving deeper and deeper into her with each thrust until he suddenly froze, going deeper inside her than ever before.

“Do you feel it, sweetheart?”

She did, and it send her over the edge, her body tensing around him in a shattering orgasm. Somehow Alfred held her hands even tighter than before, as if making sure that she takes it all. “Like a good girl”, thought Alicia, and she thought in John’s voice.

John, satisfied, went back to sit on the armchair, leaving his pants behind on the floor. He gestured to the other one and Alfred joined him, leaving Alicia alone on the floor.

“So, you’ve got anything to drink?” asked the guest.

“There should be an old bottle of whiskey somewhere in the cabinet.”

“Sweetheart, why don’t you get it for us?”John addressed ;Alicia.

Rising ;up unsteadily, not sure if her legs were still able to hold her after the ordeal, she walked over to the cabinet, finding some forbidden pleasure in obeying the orders she was given. Still naked underneath her skirt, she bent down to get the bottle of whiskey, intentionally exposing herself. She knew it was what he’d wanted.

When she got back with the glasses, like previously she sat on the floor beneath them. They all drank a big glass of whiskey, enjoying a moment of silence.

“So, my sweet little Alicia, are you going to thank us? Are you going to thank me?”

It was a final nail in the coffin of her dignity, of course, but somehow she didn’t mind burying it for good. Kneeling in front of John she gently took his half-flaccid penis and started kissing and caressing it, her lips cleaning the leftover juices. John gently stroked her head.

“That’s a good girl, Alicia. Tell me, aren’t you ready to be the dirtiest slut just to have it inside you again?”

“Mhm…” she mumbled dreamily, still licking.

“What was that?!” Abruptly, he grabbed her under her arms like a child and lifted her on top of him, letting her hang in the air for a second. She felt the rising tip of his cock poke underneath her skirt. “Say it properly!!” he snarled at her. ;

“Yes!! I’ll be a dirty slut just fuck meeeeiiih” her voice turned into a shriek as he collapsed her weight on top of his member, jerking her up and down repeatedly. With his right hand he grabbed her by the throat, restricting his force just enough to let her breathe.

“Ohyes ohyes ohyeeeeessss” she screamed with increasing intensity, her body shaking shattered with another orgasm while he came inside her simultaneously. He let her rest on top of him for a moment while he was catching his breath.

“Shall we take the rest to the bedroom, then?” he proposed, although it felt more of an order than an invitation. Alfred nodded.

Alicia felt herself being carried to their bedroom and dropped on the king-sized bed. She felt exhausted, euphoric from her orgasms yet somehow still aroused. She closed her eyes and time stretched into a surreal spiral, there was sound of the glasses being lifted and put down, the muffled voices of the two men mixing together in her head.

She didn’t know how much time had elapsed, when she heard distinctly John’s voice:

“Have you got any rope?” he asked.

“Rope? No, I don’t think so, we’ve never played with ropes.”

“It doesn’t have to be a special rope, man. Just any old rope. How do you dry your clothes?”

“Oh, I guess, there is that rope…”

“Awesome! Go fetch it then!”

She was ;being rolled over on her back. She opened her eyes, suddenly awake again. John was grinning, a roll of rope in his hands.

“Spread your legs for me, sweetheart.”

She smiled and obeyed, lifting her skirt up. Within a matter of minutes her ankles and wrists were tied to the upper frame of the bed, locking her in an explicit position.

“Well… I wasn’t going to run away, you know?” she smiled at him.

“It’s not to prevent you from running away, Al. It’s to support your body after your muscles can no longer hold it. It’s to keep you open and available after you pass out from an orgasm and to make sure you wake up from yet another, even more powerful one. It’s a promise that no matter what happens, you’re going to get filled up like the good little slut you are. Understand?” He gently caressed her moist opening, sending another wave of goosebumps down her spine.

“Damn John, you’re goooiihhhhhnnn” For the second time, he didn’t let her finish her sentence, his thick rod already halfway inside her, her defenceless body set up to be used for hours by the two men.

It was late morning, the sun peeking behind the heavy bedroom curtains. It was the strange wet sound that had woken Alfred up and he slowly and painfully opened his eyes, his head heavy and dizzy. It took a while for the disorientation to subside, his view coming into focus on the two figures across the room.

First he noticed John, standing up, naked, his broad, muscular body covering the second one in front of him, which of course was Alicia. Of course it was Alicia. Who else could it be? The rest of her figure was hidden from his view, pinched between John and the wall, her slim arms extended from behind him, pushing for support. He couldn’t see much else, but John had his knees slightly bent, lowering his height, and Alfred imagined him working on Alicia, her tight little ass pushing in between his massive legs, her small breasts bouncing up and down with every thrust.

There was a stifled moan, as if to confirm his hypothesis, and the small legs moved farther apart on the floor, allowing his girlfriend to be penetrated even deeper.

“So… big…” came her whisper.

“I told you, Al”, he whispered back, “Once you try it, there’s no going back. You’ll do anything.;Am I not right?” His hand extended around her, probably, playing with her breasts.

“~Yes! I’ll do anything! I’ll do anything you want!”

“That’s a good girl. I’ll train you to be a good little slut. You have to earn it, you know!”


He should have felt betrayed. He should have felt awful. He should have been enraged. Of course, he knew that. But somehow Alfred felt neither of those, and instead felt one of the most arousing sensations of his entire life. He loved Alicia a lot, but he suddenly realized that she had always been a bit of a bitch to him, always so egoistic, so egocentric. Seeing her stoop this low was cathartic.

“You know, John”, he rose up from the bed. The other man half turned around, but didn’t stop his activities. “If you’re going to fuck my girlfriend, at least I want you to go all the way. Turn her into a little slut that would do anything for the cock.”

“Hah, damn right! After all, she’s practically made to be a fuckdoll! Gotta take advantage of what you’ve got, right, Alicia?”


“Good girl! Now spread your legs wider.”

She did, knowing full well that there was no going back from this. Her boyfriend watching from across the room, Alicia was ready to become the slut she had always wanted to be.