Who are we?

Our team currently consists of two permanent members - Vincent, who writes and codes, and Lornlover, who does the amazing art and helps promote our project. You can learn more about each individual member by clicking on the portraits above.

Our Mission

XFiction is dedicated to delivering high quality Dark Erotica in various forms, including short stories, games, illustrated scenes, and some experimental media.

With each thing we do, we want to push the boundaries and make the reader question their preconception and their understanding of sexuality. Many of the things can be grotesque or disturbing, but we trust that our readers understand what is fantasy and what is reality.

As part of our mission, we are not running adds If you would like to support our work and see more of it, you can join the official Patreon

We're expanding!

We are looking to grow our team in the future and get involved with other like-minded individuals. If you are a writer or artist that explores the same themes and would like to be a part of XFiction, don't hesitate to drop us a message either at vincent@xfiction.org or directly in the official Discord (at the bottom of this page).