The Drain

There was something wrong in Cindy’s mind and she knew it. Other people knew it too, but it was a lot harder to spot - that is, to really spot. Like a corpse buried beneath another corpse, the wrongness in her mind was concealed by her surface appearance. She was usually morose, sullen and, on the rare occasions that she did speak, overall unpleasant with the people around her. She wore black with lots of lace and jewelry, with a dark makeup that underlined her already monotone expression. She was the type of person that hated other people and let them know it immediately. Most people just left her alone.

But there was something wrong in Cindy’s mind. The teachers assumed it was just her “goth phase” as they called it and that she’d eventually grow out of it, or at least tone it down with age. Her parents sighed and turned the other way whenever she did one of her “things”, like digging up worms from the mud in the garden, or bringing home animal skulls or bones. After all, it was all part of her phase, just something she had seen on TV and probably other “goth girls” did too. 

That was the clever thing about burying a corpse underneath another corpse. Whoever started digging found the first one, looked away in disgust and quickly piled the dirt back on to stop the smell from spreading. Nobody was insane or brave enough to keep digging to see what was really down there. And that is why the true decay was left unnoticed, the true scope of her depravity - known only to her.

Cindy was lying naked in her bed, covered by an overly thick and voluptuous blanket that left lots of room under its giant folds. To the side of her head, her laptop was open on a gruesome news article that she had dug up from 4chan. It detailed the grizzly death of a woman who was tortured for several days by a serial killer, mutilated and buried alive. Under the blankets, two worms were crawling in the space between her naked breasts.

She continued reading the article and let the worms explore the surface of her breasts and belly as she imagined what it would be like. There was a detailed report from the police, and even some photos of the instruments. It was a good piece. Her fingers reached down to her groin and teased her moistening entrance. She briefly considered letting the worms down, seeing what they would do, but finally, after an intense inner battle, decided against it. 

There was still time. She was home alone - in fact alone for the weekend, her parents having left to visit her aunt. Maybe if it rained she’d go in the garden and pick some fresh worms. Or maybe she’d have some fun with her laptop’s webcam. There were a number of possibilities and the night was still young.

She switched to another article and continued reading. This woman’s naked body was thrown out in a dumpster, but it turned out that she was still alive. Her fingers delved deeper.

When she was done with her reading, Cindy carefully put her friends back in the jar and grabbed a towel. She had spent several hours  browsing through articles and had grown tired. She tiptoed through the empty house, not bothering to turn on the lights. There was something eerie and exciting about being alone in the dark house. Anything could happen to her and she had spent a great deal of her imagination detailing the scenarios. There were the usual ones, involving burglars or serial killers and kidnappers and other nasty men that could take advantage of young girl like her. But it was past midnight and her mind was spinning in another direction. She was seeing shadows in the corners and monsters under the bed. She was picturing that behind her, when she wasn’t looking, there were big, spider-like things with thin legs hanging from the ceiling, hungrily staring at her naked body. She stopped for a moment, amidst the living room, and closed her eyes, bending over for a second and spreading her ass-cheeks towards the empty room. It got her heart racing and she quickly sprang back up, darting towards the bathroom.

She finally turned on the lights in the bathroom and got into the shower, running the hot water. It helped to see, but she was still alone and the shadows outside were waiting, biding their time. Cindy touched herself again. Showering was going to take a while.

Her wicked mind’s latest obsession was the shower drain. It was so terribly out of place - a black metal hatch inside a clean white room. The water brought all the dirty and nasty things inside it, and sometimes there was a foul stench coming from it. It drew Cindy’s mind like a moth to the flame. She knew it was wrong and she couldn’t help herself. 

It was dirty and disgusting. Bad things could slide out of there and wrap around her and take her down with them, down to the slimy drain and the filth. It got her so wet.

She continued to shower, touching herself as her gaze held steady on the metal drain. The water was pouring out, but something could come out. Any moment now. Something unspeakable and unearthly. Her fingers accelerated, but the orgasm wouldn’t come. 

After half an hour, she gave up and went to bed.

Cindy was walking on a road of bones and there was a foul smell coming towards her. Or rather, she was walking towards the smell. The road led her through a forest of dead trees, going down, steeper and steeper until she naturally started running, then it was steeper still and she was running ever faster to keep up with it and there was no way to stop anymore and road was going down, down, down towards the smell and the bones and the death. She was falling down, through the drain and into the blackness that was filled with slimy horrors and filth and worms.

She woke up in sweat, her heart pounding. It was only a dream, she realized, but it felt so real. Outside, there was rain pouring on the windows’ glass and the sound of distant thunder. She needed a drink.

Cindy crossed the dark house again and reached the kitchen, where she leaned on the counter while filling a glass. The cold marble felt good on her skin. She scanned the darkness of the room. The familiar shadows of furniture and clothes were all at their usual places, and though she was still scared and felt vulnerable, the familiar room brought her back into reality. She could hear the rain louder here, and the winds howling in the trees. 

Everything was going to be alright. It was just bad dreams.


The wrong part of her mind got excited. Yes, it was just bad dreams. She knew  nothing would happen to her, she had had nightmares during thunderstorms ever since she was a little girl. But the fear itself was so delicious. And she was so horny. There was no reason not to take advantage of this.

She left the cup back on the counter and slowly went to the bathroom again, flipping the light on. The floor had dried and was now sparkling white. The drain was black and somehow ominous. She could hear the sound of water flowing - probably an echo from the drainage pipes. Cindy closed the door behind her and moved closer.

Though she was awake now, part of the terror from her nightmare was still in her and she felt her heart pounding hard in her chest. It was too much not to give in. 

She slowly lowered herself down kneeling on the floor with legs on either side of the drain, until it was right underneath her. It seemed even bigger up close. Her sex was open, right on top of it, and she could feel herself growing wetter by the second. 

Soon the dark and nasty things would come, whispered her mind. Give in to them.

Her fingers reached down and started rubbing her. The thunder was getting louder and the rain was batting harder on the glass. 

They are really going to come, you are inviting them.

She accelerated the pace, intoxicated by the prospect.

The filth below. Do you really want it?

She was so open, so vulnerable. Right over the drain.

Suddenly, there was a blinding flash of lightning, illuminating every detail of the bathroom tiles, then there was an afterblink, and darkness.

The power had gone out.

There was the sense of déjà vu in her mind and the uncanny certainty that if she stayed, something really bad was going to happen. But there was something wrong in Cindy’s mind. So she stayed.
Beneath her, the grid of the drain slowly lifted up and moved to the side with a slow scraping noise. She looked down, but amidst the grey darkness of the room could only see the impenetrable black of the gaping hole. It was as if time had slowed down. Each heartbeat came like a resounding bell through her body, leaving an eternity before the next one.


Something moved in the gaping blackness, rising up from within. The thunder from the lightning finally came, close and deafening. She didn’t move.


There was a cold, slimy touch at the brim of her folds. It send a shiver through her spine and made her think of slimes after the rain. She lowered her body more.


The surface of the touch increased, exploring the entrance above it. It reminded her of snake’s skin, oily and cold. She could still run, get up, get away, save herself. She didn’t.


The creature from the drain pushed further and slipped inside her. Her wetness was making it easier for him. She looked down and saw the blackness coiling beneath her and plunging into her defenseless sex. It was fascinating.


The unearthly thing was thicker than her thumb and she felt it extend and contract as it made its way deeper inside her. Her head was starting to spin and her nipples were hard and erect. The creature slid another inch further.


Her hand darted down again. There was a spot that was craving attention. She touched it again, her finger brushing against the slimy surface of the thing that was moving inside of her. It didn’t matter. She started moving her fingers.


It just kept on sliding, inch after inch. She couldn’t tell if it was seconds or hours, but her belly was starting to feel bulged with a pressure inside her mounting. Perhaps if she grabbed it right now, she could still pull it out, she thought. Her hand just continued it rhythmic movements.

Time stopped existing. There was just darkness and the filth from the drain rising up to fill her. She imagined that it was all the nasty stuff that people had put in there, all the trash and rotten, gruesome bits somehow come to life. It was black and slimy and sliding inside her. Because she deserved it.

Hear breaths came in short. Reality was falling apart.

Finally she felt the slimy thing grow thinner until it there was nothing coming out of the drain hole any more and the last bit of its black body was swallowed by her greedy filthy hole.

She screamed and shivered by the strength of her climax, falling to the floor on her back. Her head was spinning and her knees felt weak.

There was another blinding flash as the lights of the bathroom came back on. Everything felt eerie and unreal, as if she was waking up from a dream again. There was no sign of anything amiss, except from the open drain.

After a few moments she got up and put the metal bars back over the drain hole. She looked around some more, then went back to her bedroom. The storm continued.

There was something wrong in Cindy’s body. Others felt it, but didn’t pay much attention. Like a corpse buried under another corpse, people felt the stench but thought it was just her weird way of walking, or the clothes she wore, or the blank stare of a lost teenage girl. But Cindy knew. She knew the grave was much deeper and there were many more bones waiting underneath.