The fat man, who had been fiddling with the menu for almost half an hour, finally seemed to make up his mind and made a sign to Cassie to come over. Trotting over in a slightly fussy manner, skirt whooshing past several tables, she approached the table for the fourth time since they had come in.

The group of five, two of them obviously a young couple, exchanged awkward smiles, having wasted so much of the waitresses time.The one sitting next to the fat man - a handsome young lad, Cassie judged - gave her a playful wink, which she pointedly ignored.

“Two cheeseburgers with fries, a Mountain Dew and a doughnut for table five”, she yelled at the kitchen boy, making her way back to the staff room.

It was a slow day at the diner. Only three of the twelve tables were taken, and that’s counting the old man who had been sipping coffee for two hours. Henry, the diner’s fat manager, sitting on a tarnished couch in the corner of the room, was reading a newspaper. It wasn’t today’s paper and it probably wasn’t yesterday’s either, but Henry didn’t seem to mind, as his greasy fingers flipped the pages looking for sports articles and nude ladies and the occasional sudoku.

Cassie fell into a ragged armchair, her legs crossed over its arms and her mini skirt lifting indiscreetly high. She pulled out a pack of cigarettes from the front pocket of her shirt and laid back, relaxing, the smoke slowly drifting from her lips, past the “no smoking” sign on the wall behind her and up to the dirty ceiling. Henry gave her an indistinguishable look, which she calmly returned.

She had only been resting for a couple of minutes when the kitchen called and she had to hurry out to take the order.

“I don’t like the looks he’s giving you” said the kitchen boy, as she came back with the empty platter. “He’s always looking for stuff to pick on, and I think he’s got you on his radar.”

“Oh, relax, Tom” she replied “I know you’re always nervous about things, but I’m doing my job just fine, there’s nothing to pick on.”

“Sarah is leaving next week you know” - said the kitchen boy sullenly - “she only broke a couple of dishes and - Bam! - Henry sacked her”

“Well we both know that business has been slow and someone had to go” pointed out Cassie. “Just be glad it’s not you and move on, no point moping about it.

“I know, but…. I’d just hate to see you go, Cassie, that’s all” - the kitchen boy blushed.

She left it at that and went to wipe the tables.

The work was mostly dull and even in the best of days the diner rarely full, but she was glad that she got the job. It had been an year and a half since she ran away from her mother and she had spent most of that time hiking from city to city, sleeping at bus stations and doing the occasional odd job. She had lost a few pounds and even if people had been kind to her and most nights she had at least something to eat, sleeping on benches had not been the most pleasant experience in her life.

Now she was sleeping in the dusty old motel behind the diner, which was also owned by Henry. When she had explained her situation to him he had generously offered her a room, albeit taking a cut from her salary. Still, it seemed that everyone was happy for it - she had a place to stay which was much cheaper than any proper room at a hotel and Henry had an employee just around the corner. Always the first one in and the last one to go, Cassie did most of the dirty work at the diner and earned her stay.

That evening she stayed late as usual, cleaning the tiled floor and scrubbing the bar’s counter. She didn’t clean with the sense of mundane banality, the everyday bane of choirs that the other employees so hated and steered away from. She cleaned the wooden counter with a sense of propriety, circling it around as if were her own home, rubbing all the old stains like she did every time.

The door of the staff room opened and Henry stepped out with a yawn, but she paid no mind to him. She polished the metal rails around the counter, twisting and bending to get them from every angle.

“You’re doing a fine job there, Cassie” said Henry, his hand resting casually on her ass.

“Thank you, Henry” she briefly replied, continuing to scrub, pushing herself backwards in a docile yet provocative manner.

It wasn’t that she was giving in to the manager. He was a sly fat man and even back in his good days he probably wouldn’t have been her type. But he had a simple mind and this had been one of his redeeming qualities. Ever since she had first seen him, Cassie had been pulling his strings to obtain various advantages. The first room he had given her at the motel was barely larger than a cellar, mossy and full of bugs. Being almost rent-free it was still something, but a few persuasive words and a low cleavage had swayed Henry and a month later she was staying in a much dryer room on the second floor.

From there it was just a question of slowly pressing ever more convincing arguments and steadily improving her position at the diner. A smile here and there and Henry started to allow her to take the remains home at the end of the day, which albeit not much, cut down on her food expenses considerably. She started wearing shorter skirts and soon the remains were replaced by a proper meal.

She made sure never to give him too much though. She didn’t want him to grow accustomed, to think that he owned her. With every two steps forward she took one backwards, taking something away from him.

Following her first short skirt period she had ignored him for two weeks, making him sweat and guess whether she would ever put on one again. In the end, he had fixed her bedroom window and she had rewarded him with a revealing neckline for the next few days.

And so the little “arguments” had accumulated, and even if she had taken a step back from time to time, she still continued to ask for more and more and, naturally, to give more and more. The smiles turned into short skirts, the short skirts got accompanied with deep cleavage. Her room was nice now, her meals were always hot, and she could always make herself a cup of coffee without worrying that Henry would be on her back.

Unfortunately, business wasn’t going well and even if he didn’t really want to, the manager was forced to sack somebody. He couldn’t get rid of the kitchen boy, after all, somebody had to make the food, so that left the two waitresses. Sarah had been working at the diner for six years, whereas Cassi had been there for only an year and a half.

That had been the decisive moment. All her efforts so far had given her nice perks, but when you came down to it, nothing more. So when two weeks ago Cassie learned that one of them had to go, she knew the time had come to push over the line make sure that she was the one staying. That evening she stayed working late, as she often did, and made sure that she was scrubbing the counter when Henry came to check on her.

Her chest pressed to the moist surface, her hips raising as she pushed herself on her toes to reach farther, Cassie was naked underneath her skirt. For all her flirting and for all his advances, Henry just stood there behind her, motionless. His hesitation lingered even when she pushed herself forward, practically laying flat on the counter, neglecting any pretense that she was trying to clean. She was completely exposed, arms outstretched grabbing the opposite edge of the counter, legs slightly spread apart. It wasn’t until she reached back and lifted her skirt up in an unquestionable manner that he finally took action.

At that moment, her heart was racing. All those months of steady progress had prepared her for the idea of offering herself, but not for the reality of it. She could feel him so acutely inside her, his thrust forcing her sweaty palms to grasp harder on the edge of the counter, his arms grabbing at her waist and pulling her back towards him.

A thought erupted in her mind - she had succeeded, her plan had worked, and this meant that he would keep her and sack Sarah. She - Cassie - alone, independent, had won her place here! In an instant she felt overjoyed and as she spread her legs for him her screams were of genuine joy. At that moment - laying on her chest,sweat dripping down her face as she was being pounded by the fat manager, she felt victorious.

After that evening, things tilted definitively in one direction. There was no more going back and forth with Henry. He gave Sarah a generous three weeks notice and Cassie took over as head of staff. He was careful not to act suspicious in front of the kitchen boy, but whenever she stayed to work late, he came for her.

The first couple of days the manager had her on a table, showing his impatience. As soon as the others left he could hardly wait any longer, so he would grab her while she was wiping after the last customers, push her forward and lift her skirt up. As he penetrated her, he would place one arm around her hips and with the other he pushed her face down on the half-washed table, the smell of fries and cleaning agent invading her nose, her fair skin pressed against dry crumbs.

It didn’t have to be this way, Cassie realised. That’s why tonight she had finished her work beforehand and had waited on the counter for Henry to show up, just the way she had done the first time. And now that his hand was on her ass, she was going to lead him. She was going to do things her way and fight for her place in life, the way she always had.

She pressed herself firmly against his hand, feeling his fingers through her thin underwear, twisting and turning herself in a seductive motion, rubbing against him, letting his fingers touch her all over, to feel the warmth of her flower.

 The experience was intoxicating as much as it had been the first time, because it was she that was in control, it was her doing, her design, and in that twisting motion that let this fat man’s fingers slide through her petals she felt all the glory of a queen reclaiming her rightful place upon her throne.

She felt his hands slide down her panties and her own hands moved to her shirt, undoing the buttons, throwing it carelessly to the floor. She was topless for the very first time. It was a liberating gesture. She felt his hand run up the line of her back, every hair rising with the rough touch. Arching like a cat following the movement, her hard nipples pressed against the polished wooden counter and the slick texture felt like oil on her skin.

Having gone all the way up to her neck, his hand started descending, running down with a slow but relentless finality that she felt and needed. His fingers ran between her buttocks, all the way down and up again, touching her most intimate places and encountering complete submission.

She moaned softly when his fingers slipped inside her, caressing her, teasing her, playing with her. She could barely resist it and soon her hips betrayed her, rocking her back and forth on his hand. She slided all the way up, barely perched on the tip of his fingers, her entire body twitching with excitement, until, moments later, she left herself fall down, engulfing him completely, inviting him into the deepest places that those wretched fingers could reach.

Despite her raging excitement, Henry pulled away his fingers, leaving her in an awkward gaping position, trying to find something that wasn’t there. Before she could gather her thoughts and mutter anything, the waitress felt his thumb press against her butthole, caressing her in slow tiny circles.

“Cassie, how would you like it if I doubled your salary?” - Henry’s voice came as a surprise, even more so for what he was saying. Before she could object, he continued.

“When I was young, I used to run the kitchen, you know. All the pretty girls stopped by for a burger. Nowadays I only scribble numbers on paper and read the news. But then you came”. The pressure of his thumb was slowly building, exploiting her legs being spread wide apart. His fingers gently returned to caress her wet entrance and she couldn’t help but push back and seek them violently.

“So how about it, Cassie? I let go the kitchen boy and you can have his share. I take care of the meals and you serve them to the customers, just the two of us, eh?”

He stayed as he were, letting her push back more, letting her find his fingers underneath her, letting her scream and moan as her ass slowly stretched and devoured his thumb, as her moist walls took him inside her as she rocked herself up and down.

The fat manager’s cock was somehow all she needed and she let him use her and pound her, a cock that didn’t deserve her young and beautiful body, a cock that she could use to get everything that she’d ever wanted. That’s what Cassie thought in her blissful euphoria, willingly opening herself until the old man tensed and grunted, shooting a big warm load in her unprotected womb.

 After all, why not? Why not give in to this man, let him have his way, let him fuck her silly every day of her life? After all, she had won. She had outwitted him. She was independent.