You play as Alex, a young man who decides to take a summer job as a hotel receptionist at The Crooked Elm in a remote mountain village in the Transylvanian region. Shortly after arriving, a mysterious woman by the name of Felicia gifts you an antique bracelet with 5 crimson beads on it. You think nothing of it, until your untimely death on the next day

After you die, you wake up on the previous morning, as if the day had never existed. The only difference is that now you are a woman, and one of the crimson beads has gone dark.

In Transylvania, you are on a quest to return to your normal life. Danger lurks behind every corner and every death changes you a little more. Will you succeed to lift your affliction, or succumb to the pleasures of your new form?
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"The art- and writing style combined makes for a really atmospheric experience...
Loved every second of it, and can't wait for the next update. HIGHLY recommended!"

5 stars
"After playing the game for a while I truly am enjoying and will be giving it 5 stars. The story is really interesting and kept me wanting to find out [more]...
I really like the artwork it fits the game perfectly."

5 stars
Transylvania is full of many seductive opportunities, some of which are baked in the plot, while others are entirely optional.

During your adventure your character can accumulate Traits based on your choices, for example becoming more submissive or falling in love with the grotesque.

There are many dangers that lurk both in the forest around the manor, as well as The Crooked Elm itself. There are terrible creatures and deadly friends.

Every character you meet helds secrets Uncovering them is essential to your survival, but if you get caught, you will face the consequences!

One of the key elements of the game is your transformation. The first changes are thrust upon you by the cruelty of circumstance, but from there on your choices affect your outcome.

Will you try to seek back your original form or jump with both feet into your destiny?

In the perillous world of Transylvania, your actions often will lead to your demise. However, death is not game over!

You can have fun and experiment with the world and its characters. You can try to survive or get intentionally in trouble. Try and see what happens!

Secrets are the best currency in a world where few things are permanent. The more you know, the more power you have.

Learning secrets will unlock new items, dialogue options and help you progress the story. The challenges are non-trivial and many things are hidden for the most curious to uncover!

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"This is a truly gorgeous and unique game. Too many games just try to be everything and blur together lumping all fetishes at once, this game sticks to what it is with a unique gothic horror style and some very good writing."

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"Fantastic game. Very engaging mystery [...] The writing and overall production value is something that all authors on this site should admire and all readers should consider supporting through patreon."